7 links that will show you what Google knows about you

Do you know Google knows things about you that you may never have known unless your lucky to find and read this post.

If you want to find out all the information and datas Google knows about you then you have to follow the links am going to show you below.

You will be amazed getting to know that this informations are kept and recorded on Google desk all this while, visually everything you have been doing online, the search you makes, topics you likes, place you have been, things you have searched for etc has been saved and recorded by Google.

7 links that will show you what Google knows about you

How to find out what Google knows about you.

1. To find out what Google thinks about you
This is the feature that Google uses to serve relevant ads to people, by collecting datas about your activities online and use it to create profile for you.

But you can review and control the informations Google have about you through this link:
Google ad Settings.

The Google Analytics tool is what Google uses to help Publishers see and know what pages you have visited on their site, including how many times you have viewed it, how long you stayed on the pages etc.

To opt out and stop Google from collecting such datas you can go to this link: Google dlpage and opt out then this datas won't be collected again.

2. Google uses this feature to collect your location history, all the places you have been and browsed the net from using your Android, mobile devices may send your locations to Google.

To see all your location on Google website click on this link: Google Location history.

3. Google also collects all your entire search history, they save all the searches you ever made online.

Also saves all the single Ads you have ever clicked on.

This can be found on the Google web history control panel here: Google History.

4. This fourth feature is used to get monthly security and privacy report directly from Google.

This the Account activity page that Google offers which tells them about all the Google services your using.

You can request for monthly report of your security reports of your Google accounts which will be sent to your email.

To access this feature click on this Google settings dashboard

5. This great feature was set up by Google to help you know and find out all the extensions and apps that have access to your Google datas.

The Account activity Google page will offer you a list of all the apps connected to your account and the kind of access they have to your data.

Through here you can see the exact permission each of this apps have and can revoke it (revoke the access) to your data if you don't like it.

You can find this through this link: Google setting security permissions.

6. This feature helps you to export out all your saved data from Google desk, datas like: emails, contacts, bookmarks, drive files, photos ,your youtube videos, profile informations etc to achieve this click here:
Google takeout.

Additional Feature:

Do you know Google also keeps record and history of all your YouTube video searches, you can see it yourself through this link:
YouTube feed history .

Google is such an amazing website that do beyond what we think they do, before now l thought Google is just a search engine website but we can see they do more than in general.

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