Why most people loves iPhone more than other phones.

Do to the rampered usage of iPhones Smartphones espicially by the well doing citizens of this country as a measure of showing off thier high economic and social statues which has made the pretentious product so coveted. 

I decide to look into reasons why most people in Nigeria prefers to use the iPhones compared to Andriod Smartphones without minding it's dubious price tags,

the competition between iPhones and Andriods, which one is more used or owned by individuals has come a long way, most people would always love to own iPhone so that he or she will be seen as a higher class citizen.

But in reality many people loves to use iPhone because the are not really informed on the operating system of both, this because they are some Andriod phones that performs far more better than iPhone operating system. 

why people love iPhones

So lets look at the reason why many Nigerians loves to use iPhones.

 They just like iOS better than Android

Many people in Nigeria and some other countries likes iOS which is the operating system iPhone uses than the Andriod operating system, because of what people told them about iOS, that it's more better than Andriod operating system,

 this dur to the strong and solid public relation machine of Apple, thay have purely convinced us that iPhones is better than every other phones, but we have Andriods with big egde over iPhones some Andriod phones like Huawei Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5 etc.

 iPhones support all of the apps you want

Another instance is maybe because iPhones supports almost all the apps available, 

Which has made it possible for one to lookup for any app he or she is looking for and be able to fine it and it also has different useful variety of apps which are all used in iOS. 

 iPhones devices are durable

So many people believes iPhones are more durable than other phones, but if l should ask if this pretentious device overhyped? My answer would be yes.
iPhones are durable and last long and so is also Andriod phone, 

but the longivity and durability of the iPhone or Android phone depends on one the manufacturer that's talking about durability here, 

Two the longivity depends on the manufacturer and the end user. 

Just like in recent times Samsung has been really doing great work and has been competing seriously with iPhone. 

 iPhones are compatible with other Apple devices

Some loves iPhone much because it can easily connect and operate compatibly with other Apple devices, like iWatch, MacBook etc the connection is simple and seamless. 

In the other hand tring to connect Andriod phones to other Apple devices like iPhone or MacBook is too hard unless you follow some procedures as such it kills time. 

 iPhone is immune from virus and malware

Many people believes iPhone operating system can't be affected by virus and malware, but in real terms this not true becuase iOS devices can be affected by Virus and Malware espicially when connected to non-secured Wi-Fi network to download apps.

So do to this believe many people loves iPhones. 

 iPhones have better resale value

Let me put it this way iPhone devices has better second hand value than it's contapart Andriod phones, no matter how poorly used an iPhone device appears it can be resold at better price than Andriod. 

 To Show off

This one of the best reason why Nigerians like to use iPhones because they like to show off, by doing this they feel it will distinguish the high class from the low class citizens.

In 9ja been able to afford an iPhone even if you're using a fairly used one people will see you as a big (boy or girl) or big (Man or Woman) , because of the  higher price tag it cost (N400, 000) or more. 

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