Thursday, January 11

Video lovers use VideoShow app to creat high class Videos, (Funny, Movie, short clips, Skit etc)

I was shown this VideoShow app by a friend and l fell in love with it, is a video, picture, sound editing app, that you can use to create slideshow, Video edit, shoot a video, etc. 

After he used it to creat some slideshows and video edit stuffs he showed me and l really loved the app, it's just like what the movie industries use to shoot videos and do the video editing.

So based on my work l decided to exposed the good work of the VideoShow app developer to many people as possible through this blog. 

Whats VideoShow app all about?

VideoShow app is a video editing tool that you can use to creat all kinds of video be it funny, comedy, short videos including pictures and musics on the background with even (multiple music selection ability).

use videoshow app to edit your video to your test

The VideoShow app allows you to video instantly or use any video on your device and apply filters, Effects, Transitions, Multi-Music, Clip Edit, add Sticker etc, make it to look warmer or cooler or to have effects just like that of Instagram and can also apply multiple effects on the video. 

It audio can be changed to any music of your choice that will be playing on the background of the video you're shooting, and you can also increase or decrease the volume of the sound or remove it entirely. 

VideoShow app has so many great options which l believe you will love if you explore them one after another, after editing you video, you can save or export it with either the normal quality as the original video or Hd quality or you can compress it if the size is large for easy share and for it to occupy less storage space on your device. 

VideoShow app is a great and simple video editing tool that produce good quality result, and to help you make great changes to your favorite videos. 

download it here VideoShow app



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