Wednesday, January 10

Latest Whatsapp update comes with the ability to listen to your voice message before sending it

Whatsapp which is one of the most popular social instant platform for massaging around the World,  has always been updating and adding new features to keep it out among the rest. 

This time around with thier new update they have added the ability for one to listen to his or her voice message before it's sent out. 
This new update comes with the Whatsapp version.

 This latest version has solved one of the most recent problems we have using Whatsapp i.e ( record your vioce note and send it straight away without been able to listen to it, to make sure your message is as you intended to give it out).

And even when recording and incoming call enters your phone the process will be interrupted which means you have to restart the voice recording all over again.

Which Operating systems can use this latest update?

The Whatsapp latest update can only be use by the iOS devices for now, but it's expected that more update for it to be used in Andriod Smartphones will hit the Google Play Store as soon as possible. 

Latest Whatsapp update comes with the ability to listen to your voice message before sending it

And very importantly this update has also solved the interruption and deletion of voice message when you are recording and a call comes in, instead if deleting the voice note, it will be saved it automatically by default. 


Now, when recording whatsapp audio message, 
  You can receive a new WhatsApp (or system) call
  You can listen to the voice message
  You can close WhatsApp
  It will continue even if your battery is low
 You can forward/delete a message or you change chat/section in the process
  You can view an image, video, album. 

In these occasion, WhatsApp will save your voice message you're recording so you won’t lose it!


It's simple just go to iTunes and update your mobile WhatsApp with v2.18.10
Android users should be patient and hope it arrives pretty soon. 

Source; wizytechs



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