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How to know the Android Logo of your Android Smartphone

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I want to show you a trick on Android device with this trick you would be able to see and know the Android LOGO of your phone and from their too you can also play Android game version of your phone that you don't know exists on your phone.

Many Android user dn't know about this trick which allows you to see your Android phone LOGO.

All Android phones have version and system software they operate with which is represented also with a logo of the company that manufactured your phone.

Like they use to say if you're not shown or if a secret is not revealed it won't be known, that's why knowledge is power.

So without wasting your time on this let's look at how to see the Android logo of your Android phone and also play game on it, due l have been finding the game on my own Android phone hard to play, but possibly l know their people who can still tidy the game wella.

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So let's see how to display the Android version logo of your phone


From your Android Smartphone go to

Step one > Enter ‘Settings
Step two > Click ‘About phone’
Step three > Click the ‘Android version’ many times and your Android logo version will automatically be displayed on your Android phone screen.

how to knwo your Android logo version

Your Android Smartphone will display your current logo version this way.

how to knwo your Android logo version

To play the Android game click on the logo many times then press it without removing your hand, the game will appear automatically on your phone screen from their you play it.

The trick is easy and simple way to find out your Android phone version, the purpose of the writeup is to get you informed about it and just like it said no knowledge is a waste and with this you can know your Android phone version and also know the logo that represents them
Check yours and let us know if it work out on your own Android Smartphone.


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