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Easy way to recharge MTN, Airtel, Mobile9, Glo, VisaFone lines and check your airtime balance.

Sometimes we tend to forget the codes for loading recharge cards for prepaid lines, espicially when we buy the SIM card newly or it has been long we used it. 

So today l wants to teach you the codes for recharging all networks prepaid lines, to top up your line airtime thier are codes that you have to use, before inserting the recharge PINs that are usually coated in silver papers. 

So lets jump into the main purpose of this article right away and tackle all the networks recharge codes. 

how to recharge all nigeria network

Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria the Smart network is one of the most used network in recent times which has 16-digit codes number for their recharge cards PIN.
To be able to achieve this aim i.e to recharge your Airtel line using thier recharge PIN you have to use the following USSD order: *126*PIN# and then OK/Send. For Example, if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555 6666, input *126*3333 4444 5555 6666# and press OK/Send. To check your Airtel airtime account balance Dial *123#.
MTN Nigeria

MTN every where you go is a big network which has left thier mark in the heart of Nigerias. To recharge your MTN line we use the following codes USSD format: *555*PIN# and then OK/Send.

The MTN Nigeria recharge card PIN has 12 digits numbers, for  Example, if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555, dail *555*3333 4444 5555# and press OK/Send. To check your MTN line balance Text 8 to 131 or dial *556#.
9Mobile Nigeria

9Mobile  resently changed thier company name from Etisalat to 9Mobile but just like every other person in the country we will always sometimes call it Etisalat instead of 9Mobile. 

In order to recharge your 9Mobile line you have to use the recharge PIN by following this USSD format: *222*PIN# and then OK/Send.

The 9Mobile recharge card PIN has 15-digit PIN code, for example  if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555 666, input *222*3333 4444 5555 666# and press OK/Send. To check your recharge card balance dail *232#.

And you can also recharge somebody else line from you 9Mobile line maybe a friend or loved one just dail *222*PIN*Receiver’sNumber# from your own phone and press OK/Send, the receiver SIM card will be credited and also be notified of the transaction.
Glo Nigeria

GLO Nigeria has 15-digit PIN, to recharge your line you have to follow this USSD format: *123*PIN# and then OK/Send.

For example, if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555 666, input *123*3333 4444 5555 666# and press OK/Send. To check your GLO line balance dail #124#.

For Visafone recharge, you have to scratch the silver panel area on your recharge card to expose 14 digit PIN number. Then, dail the following on your phone: *889* followed by 14 digit recharge number. Press OK/Send/Yes to recharge (889* PIN SEND) OR Dial *888*  Listen and then follow the voice prompt, press 1 and enter your recharge card 14 digit PIN, then the # key. Your phone credit will be loaded automatically with the recharge card value and you will receive a text message confirmation of your recharge.

To check your Visafone credit balance, just Dial *775# Send OR Dial *888* listen to the voice instructions and press 2 and you are done. 



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