Perfect steps to become a successful Blogger and make money

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There are so many Blogs out there with alot of insight, stories, opinion, advice etc, each person having his or her own blog and covering different niches

Making this blogs popular and eventually being able to generate incomes from your blog requires some kind of skill,

For you to achieve this skills and make your blog popular then you need to think and take your blog as a business, this way you can be able to generate hundreds of thousands of visitors. 

Starting a blog is easy par say but being able to skyrocket it into a high traffic earning blog requires dedication, passion, faith, hope etc this are the inner fire that gingers you to continue even when all seems as if it's not working. 

So to help you change you view and personal thoughts into money making website or a successful blog follow this tips to  start a blog

Make a Successful Blog to Make Money

Nice steps to become a successful Blogger and make money

  •   Make a Business Plan

  • Just like in every other business if you wants to succeed then you have to create a business plan, so it is in blogging World. 

    Creating a business plan in any business one is doing (blogging) will not only allow you to set your milestones, goals etc and but most importantly the steps on how to achieve them,

    this because the more detailed your business the easier it takes you to achieve it, so if you really wants to succeed as a blog endevour to creat yours (business plan) , this will help you stay on track and save you some trouble in future. 

    •  Define Your Niche
    This another important tip, outside blogging World you may have been writing about anything that you feel and wants to write about, ranging from, fairy tales to sports to techs, stories  etc. 

    But in blogging World you need to select a Niche where you will focus your writings and articles on, the more defined your blogging niche the easier it's for you to attract readers.

    • Self-Host Your Website
    You can creat your own free blog in or which is owned by Google or you can use any other platform to creat yours, this free self hosting websites will enable you write and get you job exposed and possibly make tons of money,

    After creating your blog and wants to take it to another level you need to self host it, i.e using self hosting company like  BlueHosting.

    (buy your own domain through there website  "Blue-hosting" as it offers high quality,  high speed, better  security/better  service offers).

    This will give you your own domain name instead of using wordpress or google blogger's defualt domain name. 

    Also using a hosting service allows you to either buy or install free themes/templates you want, which means you have the option of chosing from more powerful, multi purpose templates that will give the edge to expand.

    • Take Social Media Seriously
    Social media helps you alot not just to connect to people but to also grow communities. 

    As a Blogger social media makes things easier for you and also helps you get your blog post exposed in the most effortless way. 

    This why you have to take social media platforms seriously, you don't need to pay for advertising, but sharing your work including other people's work in your niche will help you to grow community, 
    When doing this (sharing)  try as much as possible to be friendly/genuine and  also respond to everyone, this because the more work you put in building online relationship the more successful your blog becomes.  
    •  Monetize
    When you have followed all the due process Pinging your site for better SEOskyrocketing your blog, sharing it automatically in social medias,  and as such your blog has become popular and successful then it's time to make money through it, by appling for google adenses or going into affiliate marketing, or through your own online store. 

    It good you become a serious blogger because you don't only make money blogging,  also you meet people from all over the World and make friends and this way gets your vioce and thought heard. 



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