Must know negative effects of Social media on teenagers/Adolescents.

Technology development and advancements have been such a blessing to human race today which have made computers and mobile devices to be part of our living. 

Internet in itself is part of Technology which many of us have come to really come to appreciate,

In this present day/age, it is the internet that makes the World go round, for instance Social Medias is part of internet that has created great mediums for people to interact accross the World.

But just like in every aspect of life we have advantages and disadvantages of using something (internet).

And one of the disadvantages is the negative effect of social media on adolescent/teenagers which if not restricted or monitored, can develop to more severe damage to thier overall well being. So let's take a closer look on the negative effect of social medias on teenagers. 

negative effect of social media on teenagers/adolescents
Negative Effects of Social Media Today

Naturally during teenage/adolescent stage we have to acknowledge the real fact that, one undergoes extremely vulnerable process to certain growth and developmental aspect of life, 

and therefore the negative effects of the usage of social media on this children don't have to be over looked by any knowing adult because it's very important to prevent such rigorous negative effects than to cure them, (prevention is better than cure). 

The work of this great tool called social media can't be de-emphysis but it's negative effects on teenagers/adolescents can't be over looked neither, because of the evil it causes in the society today. 

If the negative  effects of social media is not recognized and handle on time it can cause alot of damages to the mental health,  and overall social well being of our adolescent children. 

So what are the negative effects of social medias on our youths? 

1. Facebook depression

This an emotional disturbance which is associated with the usage of Facebook as a social media tool.

When an adolescent is configured to feel inferior to his or her social media counterparts,  they usually fall into the state of depression called Facebook Depression. 

This teenagers have to know the fact that the usage of social media like facebook, twitter etc is the main cause of this kind of depression which is usually caused by thier friends and associates who drives them into such emotional disturbance.   

2. Cyberbullying

Cyber bullying  just like in real life during school days or other related events we have people who likes to bully others maybe because they are stronger, more intelligent or has backups. 

So it is in social media we have people who bully others, but what then is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying  is the usage of social media to embarrass,  communicate false or hostile information to a specific user(s),
Which is among the main negative effects of social media on teenagers. 

Cyber bullying in all it's  ramification has become a typical evil today, which causes the victim  if he or she is involved in it (cyber bullying)  in a prolong period of time often result to psychosocial problems like, isolation, loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem and some may become to suicidal. 

This negative effects of cyber bullying is as a result of lack of preventive measures been taken to prevent or reduce it to the minimal or eradicate it in it's totality. 

The ways to control the consequences of cyberbullying

  Recognize these results and the chance they pose to young adults. 
  Familiarize yourself with these social media structures.
 Get knowledgeable on what drives young adults to searching for social media interest.
 Establish proper conversation with your teenage youths on this matters.
 Set floor regulations on the use of social media
  If need be get a tracking app for social media on your toddler’s device.

3. Sleep deprivation

No doubt social media is among the major causes of sleep deprivation in teenagers today,
teenagers can stay active on social media for a prolong period of time if not prompted to stop,

If they do this before sleeping or during sleeping time it can prevent them from sleeping and they may stay awake all night.

4. Internet addiction

Internet usage can become a habit and if not looked into can lead to internet  addiction . The more addicted the teen becomes to social media, the more they gets exposed to new stuffs (stories and ideas) that you may not want them to be exposed to. 

This habit with time will turn into social media addiction, that if not handled in time will effect negatively the school performance, personal development, mental health etc of the teenager. 

Having read my own opinion on the negative effects of social medias on teenagers/adolescents, we would also love to hear yours own opinion so that we can learn and educate each others together. 

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