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How to know your Airtel number by dailing simple Airtel code.

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Airtel the smart network in this article l want to show you how to check your new Airtel number or (maybe you have been using it but don't know the Airtel phone number), you need the number urgently but don't have it off head?

Don't worry am going to show you the simple code you can use to know what your Airtel number is without having to flash or call anybody phones in other to get the number from there. 

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This just a simple Airtel code but one thing in Life is that you don't just know things is either you are shown or taught about it.

When we buy new Airtel sim card from Airtel shoping or retail outs, the sim pack comes with the number writing on it, but we don't usually or even at all go out with the sim pack, 

So bomping into a friend or in a situation where you will need to exchange numbers, you begin to hear things like ( l bought the sim card newly, l don't have the number off head, give me your own number let me flash you etc).

All those excuses can be bypassed or avoided just by using the Airtel code l will give you now.

So what's the code and how to get the number

From you Airtel line Dial *121#  there will be a popup menu, 

how to know your airtel line

on the check box enter 2 (Manage by Account) and another popup with other menu will appear again then enter 

how to know your airtel line 

4 (My Number)  and your Airtel number will be display on your screen, "Your Number is 080..........
you can write it down or save it on your phone. 

 Test it and see if it works for you.