How to increase the time spent on your website by your site visitors.

How to increase the time spent on your website by your site visitors. 

It's very important to implement valuable ways to increase the time visitors spend on your website, 

becuase of the energy, the skill, the time etc you spent creating this valuable articles.

Must of the time website owners don't seems to notice that time spent on thier webpages is a great way of ranking higher in SEO ranking and as such should follow this tips that l will put down here for them to be able to increase the time spent on there website by thier visitors.

Have you ever landed on a webpage and thought ooh this isn't what l expected? 

Yes it do happens maybe you had in mind to get into a specific page, buy some product or find the company contact address/information,

but as soon as you landed on the main page you sees it too confusing and frastrating to navigate, causing you to leave. 

There are chances that some pages on your website is confusing your site users, which will potentially cost you visitors including your conversions in the near future, if not addressed properly.
How to know the time spent by your site visitors. 

The (google) Analytics/report can help you know the average time spent by your site visitors on your webpages. 

Note: ''time on site" here means the lenght of time (munites) spent on your site by your site visitors, which is a key performance indicator (KPI).

Been able to understand the time spent on your site will help you find out pages with lower time spent than others. 

Using an example to illustrate this, assuming your home page has an average of 4 munites, but the featured link on the home page is getting only 0.8 munites of time, this a sign that some issues has to be addressed. 
how to increase time spent on your site by your visitors

So follow this tips to know how to dramastically increase the time spent by your site visitors on your webpage:

1) Improve content layout
Yes improving your content layout is very important because there's  an adage that says the eyez eats first before the mouth  (this means the eyez must first be satisfied even before your mind and brain can read what's on a webpage).

Assuming you have ever landed on a webpage with clustered/loaded with text, then you would know the importance of visual break  this means leaving some certain amount of white space where you can rest your eye while you are reading,

Nowadays, most people skim content. If your writing is clustered together it becomes hard to skim, resulting in many of your site visitors to leave even before they get the message you're trying to pass across. 

Whether you're a blog or product page owner it's good to implement the strategy of placing lines of larger paragraph on separate lines of your posts, making some text look different and using of bolds in certian portion of your text.

You can also utilize the power of images, by adding images to the text to creat more visual breaks, improving it with graphics to change up page, or illustrate your webpage content,
whether your page has high or low volume of text it's important you apply few visual break techniques to make sure you readers will digest the webpage content easily and quickly. 

2) Check your site design
Checking of your site design is second most important aspect of increasing the time spent on your site, which really has nothing to do with actual text at all. 

Assuming you have added visual breaks, cleaned up your copy and images, there still maybe challenges with your over all user experience (UX) which needs to be addressed. 

To easily check if your website UX is user friendly it to view it in mobile. This because alot if people views webpages from thier mobile devices which has smaller screen, and as such impacting the over page expexperience.

You can use (Google to assess your site for it's mobile friendliness) status. 
So if you’ve been website in been used in a computer view, it’s helpful to apprehend how your visitors  get entry to your webpage and when you have a moderate amount of mobile visitors. Your analytics reporting device have to inform you the way a first-rate deal of your site visitors is on  mobile, tablet, or laptop.

furthermore, does your layout use many high-res images? while they will appearance beautiful, pictures above 500px take longer to load—and most site visitors are looking beforehand to websites to load fast with time these days. Taking a full minute to load may decrease some time spent by your visitors on web page.

First is to make sure that your website makes sense, that it's themes, colours, and naviagation are well organized, you can ask your team, network or peers to check out your site and always try to pay close attention to feedbacks,

You can ask them which pages makes them to leave your webpage, the once they enjoyed spending much time on etc and make changes to rectify the problem accordingly. 

3) Stay interesting and relevant
Now you have improved your sites layout and design, but even if you have perfect amount of visual breaks to text, best design there are still 2 last but not the least consideration which is Interest and Relevancy.

Interest and Relevancy is big key to increasing the time spent on your site, assuming thier's a page on your website that's recording a very low turn on time average, this could be as a result of the content itself,

Has this content been updated since 1998? Has the images been updated? How relevant is the information on the page now to users? 
For example, let use a page on how to register for email alerts, but when your site users lands on this page, it's description to signup for emails mentions a newsletter that no longer exist or is there insufficient info to get users to carry out action on the page.
It's  important your content is up-to-date, so that when users land on the page they gets what they came for. 


Don't try switch - and - bait, either, if you promised a white sheet, deliver it, if you said "click here"  for a video and the video is too old or isn't there, update it or include the vidoe, this all about providing for your users the ultimate, relevant experience.........

By following and abiding to this tips, you will put your user's experience at forefront of your website and creat more positive relationship between your website and brand,

this will ultimately accelerate and escalate the time spent on your site and in return creat better brand association/inceease conversion.

You can utilise the power of  Related Posts tool from Addthis website to boost your on-site engagement.
Pls there's always need to improve, and if you sees where and what l should inprove on my blog in other to serve you better endevour to give me feedback and also share the post for your friends to gain from it too. 
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