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How to easily restore or backup your Blogger template

In this article l would love to show you how you can easily restore or backup your Blogger template without stress. 

Backing up or restoration of your Blogger template is not hard due newbies in blogging may seem to find it difficult but the difficulity can be reduce significantly if you are been directed on how to go about it,

Blogger template as compared to other blogging platform is simple to operate and manage even a layman can use and also manage is different settings with ease.

Even as simple as Blogger platform is they have been implementing ways to make it even more easier to operate and manage, 

to this effect they have added many more feature, to replace the out dated once, which one of the new feature is the Restore or Backup template.

Assuming you wants to change your old Blogger template or to change it to a different template all together this feature will help you to achieve this aim without having to lose any of your work. 

 The back up or uploading of Blogger template is not up to 5 munites for you to do so.

In support of my writeup here l have also used pictures to make it more easier to understand. 

How to Backup Blogger Template Or Restore It
› Go to Blogger dashboard
› Click on [down arrow icon] next to post icon
› Then select [Template] tab
› After that look at top-right corner there is[Backup/Restore] button left to gear icon
› Now click on [Download full template] button which is of orange color
› If you want to upload a new template then click on [Browse…] button and choose template file in xml format
› And then press [Upload] button just below file browse option
› One you’re done, you can press [Close]button
Backup Blogger Template Or Restore It – Pictorial Guide

Reference Image 1
How to easily restore or backup your Blogger template

Reference Image 2
How to easily restore or backup your Blogger template
I believe this tutorial is simple to implement, but incase you encounters any issue do let me know through the comment box below. 



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