How to creat loyal readers when starting a blog

It's great to start up a blog after you must have heard about blogging and how it works.

But starting a blog requires a lot of hard work, time, dedication, passion etc. 

For one to succeed as a blogger you must learn to master the skills, tips, and tricks that would help you to skyrocket your blog, if nobody is reading your blog, then follow this simple tips, you must also know the indexing sites to help you index your work on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

For you to be able to achieve this faith, of getting loyal readers and traffic then you must have to be patient because the blogging World is crowded but that doesn't mean you can't succeed as a blogger and still make money through it

How to creat loyal readers for your blog

It's challenging when starting a blog just like in any other business or work one is going into, the starting is always hard or a little hard, but there's an adage that says what begin is half done  so for you to start and own your own blog, you have done half of the work already
what's are the keys to getting loyal readers?

 Be unique, be yourself
Being unique doesn't just apply to the blog sphere but it's applicable to all areas and career in life.

So when starting a blog, being yourself and unique is your main selling point, towards your blog potential readers,

It's true we have many blogs, with many niches been cover by the numerous bloggers, and likely many people are covering your own niche or are covering topics similar to your niche.

It is good to know how to select a good blogging niche that will suit your passion and the knowledge you wants to spread to the World. 

We have so many niches which Tech niche is one of them, so if you are going into Tech niche we still have sub-topics ranging from writing about Cybersecurity, Website development, covering areas on Phones and accessories, Telecommunication etc

So knowing the niche that you have a passion for, next is to develop skills on how to do your own writings by yourself that's what being unique is all about.

Try always to avoid as much as possible not to copy from others due you can get your reviews and guideline from the once that have mastered the skills more than you.

But when writing use your own writing skills this way soon you too will become a master in the game of blogging. 
Being unique on your writing will make search engines and readers to see your blog as a professional blog and this with time will take you where you want to be in blogging World and gain you, loyal readers. 

 Become an authority on your subject
In my previous post on "Nobody is reading my blog" l mentioned about being an Authority on your subject you have selected the niche that best suit you.

Now you're blogging but you need high authority in the subject you have chosen. 

The more informative and unique your post is the more search engines and your potential reader's rate your blog high.

So being an authority on the topic you cover will attract traffics to your blog/website and in return, you will begin to get high social sharing which will make you even to rank higher and higher and draw for you, loyal readers. 

 Be consistent
In everything will do in life it's good to be consistent, l know it's hard sometimes to pick yourself up and put down good, informative and Valuable pieces of information for your readers to read, especially when you are a newbie in blogging, this because you only work and work without getting a penny out of it. 

To be frank, all Bloggers started that way but due to their consistency, dedication, passion etc, they were able to become professional Bloggers and make the kind of money they make now. 

So it's good you form it as a habit (which is even a good habit) to always publish articles constantly on your blog so that your readers and search engines won't see you as a wack,

and your readers also will develop a good habit of always reading your posts constantly, without waiting for weeks or months before a new post will be published on your blog.
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