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How to choose best Niche for your blog.

Writing in general is a wonderful feeling, some great minds will say a day without writing about anything seems a wasted day

But blogging has even made writing become rewarding to the writer, if you can write it's good you own your own blog and use it as a platform to spread your thoughts and info to the World and in return make money through it. 

But in blogging sphere one don't just begin to write about any subject, topic etc trying to cover about anything that comes to his or her mind,

No in blogging World we have what is called Niche which is the subject(s), you're writing about,

There are many niches in blogging, like Tech niche, Health, Fashion niche etc and in this niches you can also cover different subject(s) and group them using what is called labels, like in my blog am doing Tech Niche and in this Tech niche l cover more than one subject and grouped them with labels like...... VPN,  Make Money,  Blogging TricksSEO Optimization.......

It's good to get traffic, people, commenting, liking and engaging on your writing,

but for Bloggers it's not that way because it good when you are into blogging to select the niche that best suits your passion, knowledge, what you can't feedup writing about, for the purpose of focusing and targeting on specific audience,

all Bloggers has a targeted audience, people who are interested on the niche you are covering,  if you writes about random stuffs then you chances of surviving blogging job will be hard. 

How to choose best Niche for your blog.

Blogging Niche is within You

So how then can one choose a more better niche to cover in his or her blogging career, it's paramount to know the kind of audience you're targeting and also know what you are writing about in other to express your thoughts in more clear and specific way. 

Just like in School life thier are subject(s) that moves you more than the others, you can't go a day without reading or writing something about them, 

and also there are subjuct(s) that don't just click on your brain even when you would love it to (click),

So it is in blogging know that particular subject that clicks well, that you can write on anything that comes out of it without much stress i.e what niche looks like and that's what will bring you Loyal readersthis because you don't do guess work, you actually know more than average of what you are writing about. 

So if you still haven't  figured out what niche to cover yet then follow this tips and at the end l believe you would be a satisfied niche writter. 

  Analyze yourself
First you have to analyze yourself, go deep down inside you, check you interests, like in the school example that l used before, analyze the type of audience you would like to reach out to, what you are much interested on and what you can confidently and boldly write about,
after doing this then try to answer this questions yourself, which will help you alot to find yourself and choose a niche. 

 What can make you a great writer
 What are your personality traits
 What you like to write about
 What are your strengths, etc.
 Focus on all the significant events
In life we have so many significant events which has occurred in the past, this events are like a true life story, which are the foundation that has made us who we are today. 

Events like the kind of people you can easily associate with, subject(s) that clicks with you in School or out side School, the kind of TV programme(s) you like to watch, the kind of  game(s) you play or you like fashion alot and you know most of there names i.e cloths, shoes, etc when you see them. 

This are events which can help you choose better niche that best suits you.

Like me does days in school l loved Science subjects with exclusion of some part(s) of Chemistry (Like Organic substance and the rest), so when l came into blogging sphere l used such event like this to determine what will best suit my interest, target and my loyal readers. 

  You are set to write

Now you're set to write, once you have successfully gone through the first 2 tips, Analyzing yourself and significant events of your life, and have chosen a niche then the next thing is to start with your writing career. 

All you need do is to put down your experience in relevant to your writing style and you will have the right set of audience that would be reacting on your blog. 

All you need do is to put down all the important aspect of your life together in a writing (blog), making it a great deal for your relevant/loyal readers. 

Did you see this article relevant for finding and deciding the best niche audience for your blog writing? Use the experience of your life to find the perfect niche for you blog and reach the best targeted audience.

If this article was what you where looking for and found it relevant, do share it with your friends so they too can benefit from it, and find their own perfect niche. 



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