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How to change your Facebook profile pictures without notifying or letting anybody know.

Anytime you makes update on your status or changes your profile Facebook picture, this changes usually appears or are visible to your Facebook friends news feed or timeline this not bad, but doing it frequently is not good either. 

How to change your Facebook profile pictures without  notifying anybody.

Sometimes updating your profile datas or informations like adding unimportant datas, like updating your hometown or adding some personal life events on Facebook should not always be made public all the time.  

Sometimes one would like to go on low key and would not like to make the updates a big announcement, so if you really wants to stop this kind of notification on Facebook to the public when you updates your profile picture then follow this guideline. 

Some individuals on Facebook always like to change there profile pictures and this changes when done usually appears on there friends timeline (am not saying there's anything bad in the changing of your Facebook profile pictures) but when your friends keeps getting so so and so person changed his or her profile picture always it becomes annoying. 

To be able to achieve the hiding of your profile picture notification to the public when your change your profile picture, to this effect there's  no actual setting,

but you can follow this simple solution for you to be able to update your profile picture without notifying anybody. 
How to Update Facebook profile picture without announcing it to your friends
To achieve this you can follow to steps 

  1. is to stop the notification that usually appears on your friends timeline each time you changes your profile picture, 
  2. Is to hide your profile picture from the public i.e preventing friends or public from expanding or enlarging your profile picture.
What to do first is to upload your profile picture the same way you use to do it, upload the picture and crop it to your test, then you will see the option which says stop notification which is at the right hand side, 

but this stop notification would be of no use here as it's the notification setting that lets you know when somebody comments or likes your profile picture but not that of your friends.
Update Facebook profile picture without notifying everyone
But to stop your friends from been notified anytime your updates your profile picture, just go to your timeline as soon as you changes the profile picture or go to your activity log,

there you will see your own picture saying you have changed your Facebook profile picture,
Update Facebook profile picture without notifying everyone
then click on the drop down menu on the right hand side of the profile picture and select "hide from my timeline", this trick will hide the profile picture from your timeline and that of your friends,  

So when ever you changes or updates your profile picture you can always follow this procedure to achieve this aim am writing about and you can always change your profile picture without annoying or notifying anyone. 

But can my friends or the public still comment or like the profile pictures?  The answer is yes. 

But for you to also prevent your friends and others from liking, commenting, sharing loving etc your profile picture, to stop this activities you have to make your Profile picture private.

To make the profile picture private, this will prevent your friends or public from enlarging the picture,, to make the profile picture unclickable or private is not hard,
Update Facebook profile picture without notifying everyone
To achieve this just view the profile picture, then click on the drop down menu at the top most side and select or click "Only Me" option or you can select the custom settings ( with this option you can choose manually how you wants the profile picture to appear).

This will now prevent your friends and public from enlarging your profile picture, they can't like or share your profile picture either.

With this process one can also hide the Facebook cover photo notifications but can't hide the cover photo itself maybe in future this option would be included too on Facebook. 

You can gice this a try and let us know the effect you gets from it after doing that. 



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