Tuesday, December 5

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to open a new office in London that will provide more than 800 jobs .

Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook owner is still doing alot of work in other to eradicate unemployment in it's entirety as is set to open a new London Facebook office on Monday and said his willing to add 800 more jobs come next year in the Capital city, in support to the British Empire in support or commitments to the Briexit campaign. 

This new offfice will mainly be filled with enginnering workers which will make it the biggest engineering hub that's out of the United States,

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to open a new office in London that will provide  more than 800 jobs in London

this Facebook office will also contain Facebook's first ever In House Start Up Incubator, which is called LDN-LAB, designed for the aim of starting fledgling British digital business. 

The statement made by EMEA vise President called Nicola Mendelson which she said that Facebook is commited now than ever to UK and it's encouraging the Country's innovative start-up. 
The purpose of building it in the UK's is because of UK's flourishing entrepreneur, ecosystem and international awareness and reputation for it engineering excellency, made the building of the Facebook office the best location  to build a Tech company like that. 


She said this Country has been a major part of Facebook's success stories over the past decades and that she looks forword to thier mission of bringing the entire World closer as one. 

The new office which is opened 10 years after Facebook set up it's first London office will help to provide and take the Facebook's entire work force in Britain to more than 2,300 workers by the end of 2018

Facebook and other her social digital gaints like Google and Amazon in U.S has not been scared to expand it's companies in London despite the decisions of Britain to leave European Union. 

This new headquarter was announced last year 2016, immediately after Google said it was going to build it's own new hub in the London city which can employ or accommodate not less than 7,000 employees or workers. 

Where is the Facebook new office Located? 

This new Facebook office is located in the capital West End in London, which is designed by Frank Gehry, developers, house engineers, marketers and sales teams which works on products like workplace, Nicola Mendelson said.



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