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Easy way to enable mobile view on your Blogger Template.

How to enable Blogger mobile view in template, some templates especially the Google Blogger default templates,

always has nice view when opening it up with desktop, but usually has issues when viewing it with mobile devices, this becuase some templates are not mobile friendly and as such won't appear well when viewing the blog/website from mobile phones. 

When a template is not mobile friendly it affects the blog/website search engine ranking directly and also affects the reading experience of your users,

Due today some browsers has the ability to detect if a blog/website template is mobile friendly, but if the template is not mobile friendly the browse will display the desktop version on the mobile view. 

You can use (Google to assess your site for it's mobile friendliness) status.

So you enabling mobile view on your blog/website will increase the readership experience of your blog/website visitors, increase the loading speed of your blog/website pages and also increase the time your blog/website visitors spends on your site

To achieve this aim is easy all you need is for it to be exposed to you, follow the simple steps and template mobile view will be implemented on your blog/website.

How to Enable Blogger Mobile Template for Better Blogging experience. 
1 – Blogger Dashboard › Select your blog › Go to [Template tab]
2 – There you’ll see your [Mobile template]setting gear icon
3 – Click on this [gear icon] to Enable Mobile Version Template for Blogger
4 – After this click on “[Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.]” radio button
5 – Then “[Choose mobile template]” from Drop down option
6 – And Save settings by Clicking Orange color [Save button]

Enable Blogger Mobile Template – Pictorial Guide

Enable Blogger Mobile Template – Pictorial Guide

Here under all steps are explained with picture  for you. Have a look on it.

how to enable Blogger mobile template view

how to enable Blogger mobile template view

I believe you really enjoyed it, but if you have any issues implementing the mobile view endeavour to leave a comment and l will get back to you asap. 



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