Best ways to improve and skyrocket your blog/website Search engine optimization (SEO)

As a Blogger or Website owner or as an internet user you must have heard or have been hearing or seen SEO on the net, but most times we don't really know what it means.

So before l would proceed with this article, l would like to briefly explain what SEO stands for and it's meaning before going into how to improve your SEO. 

So what's the meaning of SEO

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization".  Search Engine in this context means the different websites we use to look up or search for data or pieces of information online like ( ) etc.

What's the meaning of Search engine optimization (SEO)? As defined by

SEO is the process or way of manipulating or affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.

In general terms, this means the web pages that appear earlier or highly ranked on the search result pages,

the higher a website appears on search engines the more visitors or readers the website gets from the search engine, with time this visitors can be converted into customers. 

So with this brief explanation of what SEO means and stands for let's move into how we can improve our sites SEO so that we can appear as higher as possible in Search engines.

Best ways to improve or skyrocket your blog/website Search engine optimization  (SEO)

Importance of SEO

(Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to all website and blog because you are as a blog or website owner deals with a lot of  people all over the World, people you may not meet in real life, but they see your work or job somewhere, they interact with you through your websites) and vice versa. 

But you have to improve your websites SEO first so that you can get to as many visitors as you can, so this what SEO does if your website/blog is SEO optimized well,

So SEO becomes important when you want to get your blog /website exposed when you want people to easily see and find your content, product or services you render.

if you are a Marketer you can optimize your website or blog so that you can bring new prospects into your marketing community who may not have known about your brand.

for you not to optimize your sites for search engines to easily index them, then you are doing your content, articles, customers or potential readers a disservice because after publishing this contents nobody or few persons will only see it. 

So,  how then can one make his or her website/blog appear higher in Search engines result? 

  1. Your sites contents must be of the high quality you have to try as much as possible to avoid duplicate or plagiarism contents from other websites or blog.  (This will affect your site negatively)
  2. Your content must be of good length and fresh,  (Still talking of high quality here). From 1000 words or more always impresses Google but if you are writing less let it be more than or 600 words. 
  3. You have to consistently update your site with new content at most one post every week so Google won't see your site as a staled site. 


You need to have high-quality contents, fresh, consistently publishing content at most once a week and let your articles have good length too. 
Having summarised this so let get into the best tips to easily and quickly skyrocket your Blog/Website SEO.

1. Lets Start with keywords
Keywords are topics or ideas that explains what your content is talking about but connecting it to SEO, it's the phrases and words that user who searches for words online enters into a search engine, it's also known as "search queries".

If you use everything on your web page — all the video, images, copy, etc,  into simple  phrases and words those are your primary keywords,

even though keywords are important in SEO but only it can't boost the result you want,

Keywords are very important when determining what and what you should write about because it determines the words that will drive traffics to your site, 2

for you to know the keywords that will drive visitors or traffic to your site you can use the Google keyword researcher planner  
Google’s Keyword  is a great tool that helps a lot.

"There is also a great paid tool that offering great features while you do keyword research. You may go to this post called SEMrush. com vs SEOprofiler. com to choose which one is good for you."

2. Second is Title tags. 
The title tag is the main title of your blog or website article or page, this what appears on SERPs at the top of your page on browsers, and when your posts are shared on social media,

So how does this affect the SEO? 

The title tags are not only important for the good omen it gives to SEO but also it affects your user experience positively,

So for you to gain the most out of it, make sure your title tags are always accurate, correct and pithy,

When writing the title of your posts make sure to put the keywords at the beginning of it and also ensure the title tag length is  between 50-60 characters,

In conclusion, always endeavor not to reuse the same title tags on many of your website pages,

assuming you run two different pages with similar content, it becomes paramount you either combines the two pages in one post or become smart and differentiate the two pages with the title tags inclusive. 

3. Another important factor is being in charge of your Meta Description or allows Google to do the job. 

It's called Meta Description or snippets which is another great way to improve your SEO, by writing a strong and nice meta description. 

Meta description shows up as snippet below your title tag on SERP. 

So what's a Snippet? Is a simple, brief description or summary of your blog page so that your visitors or users can easily preview your content,
But if you fail to take charge of it then when Google decides your blog description it becomes pertinent to the user's query, and Google will showcase the snippets based on the content of your page.

So when filling in your meta description, also use a high-quality keyword. this keywords will be highlighted by Google and will be displayed on search engines,

this will help to attract users and increase your click-through rate to your content. 

4. Fourthly is to get your content linked, it improves/builds better SEO/user experience.

Finally on my list on SEO Optimization is to always include both internal and external links on your blog/website, Best sites to use in Pinging your Blog/Website for higher Traffic, strong SEO/better popularity in Search Engines.

Internal links in a blog or website help users or readers to navigate easily on your page just like "Contact Us" link, Our Services, About Us, etc all this are an example of internal links. 

While external links in a site that directs users outside or to different domains (other Websites) this external links can be powerful if fully optimized or used. 

When making use of the external link in your pages make sure the content is basically researched and that the link is in accordance with what you are trying to explain or emphasis.

Let me give you a little secret about links going outside your blog/website

(always make sure that the site you are linking to is highly respected and that it has good page authority so that it will be increasing your page SEO).

External links when used well, search engines will assume you know what you are doing and as such see your site as a high site too.

Now that l have given you my own practical tips l assume you understood them all, but if not endeavor to ask any question (s)  and also try to use Addthis Related Posts tool, to increase your sites engagements.

See you as you go higher and higher in your blogging career thanks. 
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