How to easily share blog post automatically to all Facebook Group Pages

As a Blogger you have a lot of work to do which one of then is to be able to expose your blog post to people and readers,

to be able to gain the required popularity and traffic you need on your blog and one of the way of exposing this posts is to share them on your Facebook group pages,

How to share blog post automatically to all Facebook Group Pages

and most of this works Bloggers do can be less stressful and time saving if this works are automated in a way that what is supposed to be done in munites can only be achieved within some seconds effortlessly. 

So on this article l will show you a trick that can help you share your blog post automatically to all your Facebook group pages without having to do it manually (which will waste your time which you can use to write others posts or make relevant researchs). 

Are you on Facebook Groups. It's  likely that as a Blogger you may have joined Blogging Facebook group pages or Facebook groups related to your Niche.

So if you have joined do you share post on them and how much time do it take you sharing it posts manually? On the Facebook group pages. 

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Normally sharing this post on Facebook groups would take you up to 70 to 80 munites to achieve it manually,

but with this trick am writing about now you can be able to achieve sharing your post to Facebook group pages within 5 munites or less. And with this trick you are not required to login with your Facebook ID and then post,  

and also you dn't need to collect all your Facebook group ID and then send the posts one after another to them all, (this method can be found everywhere on net) but it's  time wasting and stressful. 
Steps to Follow: 
  • To be able to use this trick for sharing post automatically on your Facebook group pages you have to install social sharing widget on your blog. On this article am going to use ShareThis widget for blogger. And so after installing the share button ensure you add the Facebook SEND button on it.
  • After Installation of the share widget open up any post of your blog and scroll down at the button end of the post. It should look as the picture  below.
How to share blog post automatically to all Facebook Group Pages

  • Now you are done, just click on SEND button and a drop down lists will come showing your Facebook friend list and your Facebook  groups. Just type anything related to your post in the message box and select all your Facebook groups in recipients as the picture shown below.
How to easily share blog post automatically to all Facebook Group Pages

  • After selecting all your Facebook groups just click the send button. It will now automatically post to all the selected Facebook groups. For confirmation that it worked, just go to the activity log on your facebook profile and you can see all the shared posts there. 
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