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Best sites to use in Pinging your Blog/Website for higher Traffic, strong SEO/better popularity in Search Engines

Best sites to use in Pinging your Blog/Website for higher Traffic, strong SEO/better popularity in Search Engines
When it comes to blogging and running of websites in all it's ramifications one can not basically do without ping sites because of the fantastic and wonderful work this ping sites do in indexing of our blogs and websites,

into popular and traffic generating web directories in search engines within a short frame of time.

Doing this work as a Blogger you will not need to acquire all the knowledge or skills for carring the ping out. 

To perform the ping and indexing of your website or blog all you need do is just to put down your blog URL on the box and then click on the ping button and your work is done. 

So whats the essence of this ping sites? (I.e there work) 
Before l would go into details and unveil the different great pinging sites we have around that will help your work become more popular and noticed, 
l would like to explain within few details what this pinging sites does for blogs owners and websites. 

The work of such websites like the pinging sites am writing about within the blogging  or website World is to notify the various search engines we have about any update or changes which you implemented on your blog automatically. 

With this small explanation you can see that if you index you blog on this pinging sites that there will be no need for you stressing your self (by manually trying to update or notify the search engines of the changes you carried out on your blog),
(which means that the notifications would be automated even without your noticing it) but only if you have indexed your blog or website on the pinging sites.

And the pinging sites is also used as SEO tools for doing other important jobs.

Whats the advantages of pinging sites
 One is that with this pinging sites you can be able to make the necessary changes and summit your blog content to different search engines we have.
It can help You build backlinks without any problems
You can use it to increase you visibility and popularity on the different search engines
With this Ping sites your blog or website can be easily indexed fast on the various search engines.

So how can you use this Ping sites to increase traffic on your blog? 
As a Blogger we often spend alot of time craving and creating  wonderful posts for our audience and at the end would like to see readers reading this post but before one can achieve this goal he or she as a Blogger should be able to attract traffics to his or her blog and the more traffic you get the more income you get,

but the problem here is that most people waits for the search engine to index there work on thier own,

which is not likely possible because of the many blogs which are also viaing to appear on top of the search engine index page. 

So one must understand that most readers only go to internet search engines only when they are in need of a particular information.

So it is important you do everything possible to see that your post and blog articles are visible to the readers. 

(And studies has shown that most internet users don't go beyound the first or second post on any topic that they are searching for that appeared on the search engine). 

Sometimes if all you do is to depend on search engine like www.google.com to be indexing your work that means that you have to wait for weeks or days before this post can be indexed. 
But by using this ping sites it will automatically notify and ping the search engines of any changes or updates you make on your blog faster and this way your blog will always appear at the top of the search engines and it will also increase and generate for you alot of traffic. 

You dn't have to ping the pinging sites now and then because some of this ping sites may treat you posts as spam or even ban your site.

So all you have to do is to ping it once (Register) your blog as l may call it and any time you make updates or post any article the ping site would then in turn notify all the search engines that thier's a new Input on your blog and this update or post will be indexed automatically. 

Websites like Technorati and WordPress can automatically notify or ping search engines when you update your websites so it's neccessary you look for ping websites like them to help get your work automatically indexed fast. 

So the point am trying to make here is this ( Some Professional Bloggers and some Bloggers in general) dn't know much about this pinging sites and as such prefers to do the ping themselves which is a total waste of time and energy if you always use automated ping instead. 

All you need do is to submit the title of your blog, the category and the URL and click ping or summit button and you are done sam sam
In these sites you would be required to chose particular websites you would like to ping or you can also chose to ping all the pinging sites. 

And the process of this job is wetin 10 munites and your work is done. Fantastic right? YES.

So for better awareness, traffic and readability from people you must have to ping your blog or websites.

Best sites to use in Pinging your Blog/Website for higher Traffic, strong SEO/better popularity in Search Engines

So this all best randomly selected Ping websites would index your blog effectively, fast and also reliable. 

 Pingomatic.com – Number one on the list is www.pingomatic.com this websites work is to help update many search engines that a new content or update has been added to your blog or website. It regularly conduct checks to ensure that all downstream services involved are all legal. 
 Twingly.com– Twingly does not only index your blog work but it can also help you to see what your follow Blogger are doing or (are up to) writing about
 Auto-ping.com– This one help to index your blog site faster on the different search engines we have. 
 Feedshark.brainbliss.comThis is a free pinging tool that you will find online.
 Mypagerank.net– This is another wonderful ping website; that gives excellent result when indexing your blogs on the search engines.
 Icerocket.com– This website helps you to promote your blog to reach bigger audience around. 
 Bitacoras.com– This website makes ping an effortless procedure and you will also see quick results.

 Totalping.com– As a user of this website you will get full support during set up, 24/7 technical support and it is very secure and reliable to use. 
 Ping.inThis website is a ping service that will always notify or ping automatically  Weblog Services like the search engines that you have updated your blog. It will enables the search engines to index your blog faster to make the content or post or article available to bigger audience.
 Pingler.com– gives you premium services on there website so that you are able to store blog URLs on your account. These URL’s will be pinged on intervals or a regular basis
 Blogbuzzerit submits your blog posts to a number of blog directories including , blog hub, blog catalogue blog pulse, blog rolling, negator, google blog search, blog intro etc.
 Googleping:  This website uses a ping XML-RPC-based push mechanism. Which is used  in blogging a (ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies another server that its content has been updated to search engines such as google and Bing).
 Smallseotools:  Small SEO tools offers a free online plagiarism checker to detect duplicate content (Copied or reoccured sentence) freely for, students,  teachers and content writers

 USEmeIt is nice and fast way to surf and share skills in your area. Chat, mock filters, map etc. This profile is too costly for many freelancer writers. 
  • Useme has low-traffic website with about visitors of around 16k a month.  And the website has not be fully verified and should be use with care and alacrity.
Masspinger: Is a very good dedicated server which will ensure maximum updates, no registration required for it and has private proxies. 
 Site24x7it's far an essential internet site for trading your on line commercial enterprise and one of a kind on line offerings are available 24 hours a day and 7 days each week all 12 months spherical. from time to time, you may have occasional issues.

DomainPinger:  it's going to ping your area to 2450+ terrific web sites. a large quantity of web sites that accepts loose listings and they may be especially who has a internet website statistic, facts about the internet site with all statistics and cost with all the business listings and directories.

Mypagerankgoogle uses pageranker to determine an internet page’s importance. a higher net web page rank is received with the useful resource of crucial pinnacle ranked pages and are much more likely to appear at the pinnacle of the search consequences. google web web page rank (pr) is a measure from 0 – 10. google internet web page rank is primarily based on oneway hyperlinks.

Some of the other popular ping websites are:
These are the best ping sites you can use to index you blog or website quickly and automatically in other to generate alot of traffic, audience or visitors to your blog. 



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