9 Powerful Tips That Will Help You To Boost Your Blog Traffic And Get More Blog Readers To Your Blog

Am going to break down this write-up into 9 powerful tips you should follow that will give you good blog site traffic boost, more blog readers, popularity on search engines etc if you really want to succeed as a Blogger.

Nobody is reading my Blog! Follow this best simple ways to get more traffic and readers.

The sure tips are

1. Be Controversial

Now starting from number one of them all i.e to be Controversial.

Is true that you have created a blog and filled it with unique, well thought out, great, superbly written and thought-provoking posts or articles but the web or search engines are not favoring your efforts with the kind of visitors and readers you expect.

You will begin to ask yourself questions like what should l do next?

To drive more blog site traffic to my blog.

Sha have patience and gently follow these powerful tips and guidelines I will give you below and you would definitely become a top Blogger too and (blessedly) make much money blogging!

One of the main problems most newbie Bloggers face at first is that you know you have something very important or valuable to share with the World at large.

And you are totally convinced that people will love what you write and share.

So as a Blogger naturally you will think Google and other Search engines would index your work (You will say something like beside l have published my blog posts).

So Search Engines will help my blog site to gain more visitors and readers.

These things don't usually work that way because as a new Blogger (no matter) the subject, Niche or Topic you are writing about.

There have been other previous Bloggers who have covered and written something about it and ( many who are still and will continue to do the same).

So sometimes to avoid writing the same thing with this other Bloggers you will dig deep to find topics that are still virgin topics and after you feel your writing beats the writings of the other blog posts you found on Search engines like (Google).

But still, their posts appear ahead of your own blog posts on search engine result pages.

So what should be the problem? Must they have done something different to get ahead?

The answer is Yap.

The answer is capital YES, because they usually not just do blog post publishing, there's more to it than just publishing posts.

You will notice that sometimes successful Bloggers are Controversial.

If you browse the posts that usually have the most comments in top blogs you'll notice that they often express strong opinion and feelings.

For instance, Just think deeply about this when you're sitting on a fence and tries to cover both sides of an argument why would your visitors bother to leave a comment or even try coming back?

On a second thought, you have to give them something to think about, or even annoy them just a little and they'll leave responses.

So guess what? They'll keep coming back or keep checking on that post to see if somebody has commented on their comments.

This trick can even make them bookmark your blog for easy access.

But when doing this don't go too far expressing views not much related to the center of your post or you may have the opposite effect and may lead people to exit your blog site assuming it's been run by a wack.

To follow this tip just be Controversial enough to trigger or provoke a positive reaction that will start a discussion on as many of your blog posts as possible you can.

Summary: Blog Comments = Traffic.

2. Be Interactive

Being interactive is very necessary in blogging World like in some blogging programs it offers you the ability to insert polls into your blog.

So if the software you use allows you to run this polls then you have to run polls once in a while (something like once per month).

That would be a good space in between because running it frequently could lead to removing the previous poll even before about 80% of your blog visitors have even voted on it and running it frequently also could start boring your repeated visitors with the same item.

To avoid this you just have to be sensitive enough to notice when the incoming polls start to depreciate that means it's time to run another poll.

Also, remember to choose Controversial or very interesting topics for running the polls.

(Sha Na only 10 of your visitor fit vote).

But those who do vote will occasionally come back to see how the polls are going.

For better result try to choose a topic or subject that's topical, topic that will spark but Controversies and also be Interactive too.

You can also find a way to allow your visitors to send images in a cartoon, Photoshop creation forms etc.

This also promotes visitors participation and loyalty as those who have submitted there pictures will keep coming back to know if their pictures have been used.

Blog contests are also good traffic builders.

Like the Japanese Haiku contest on the subject of your choice or maybe ( animals (cat) or any other one doing weird things are very popular now).

But make sure the images or what you use is related to your blog Niche.

On the contests, you can use prize tags on them offering free giveaways like iTunes or store vouchers which will cost very little.

Or you can encourage them by publishing their work on your blog.

You can also use your blog prize award logo which they can use on their blogs or websites if they have one, this way you will get tons of visitors and it will promote your blog.

You can also use relevant YouTube or Google Videos to embed on your post about a video every 10 or more posts can do a lot of wonders for the impressions it will create on your blog.

Why did l say every 10 or something posts? So that people with slow connection won't get mad at you because it's not included frequently and people with broadband width will appreciate and applaud the little extra you give them but make sure these videos don't auto start people really hates it.

Summary: Interactivity = Return Visitors.

3. Be Authoritative

If the blog you created is a very informative one, then you have to site reference to any post you write.

Sometimes we Bloggers don't like to place outgoing links on our blog but unknowingly the more of this links you place to relevant sites, the more search engines will assume you ( Sabi book) you know what you are writing about.

To do this you can go to www.wikipedia.com  articles and reference the post you are writing about or you can use other good sources like www.reference.com and www.about.com.

You can also get help from Google or Yahoo news alerts by signing up to their sites and set the service(s) up to be receiving links to news articles immediately they are published, this way you can be one of the first Bloggers to include the first-minute links on your post.

Just like I said before emphatically the more authoritative sites you link to the more Google and other search engines also think higher and authoritative of your blog.

When doing this site linking l usually don't support "no-follow" tag (unless there is spam site you're linking to)   links beside traffic is what you are looking for.

So share your link juice and it will be shared back to you (there's love in share).

Also, remember when writing about a topical topic, do not copy and paste or using news clippings verbatim because this will lead to your site losing ranking in Search engines due to plagiarism.

Instead make sure you read and understands the post you are writing about, then ignore the source site (unless for checking or rechecking facts), and rewrite the story or post to your own understanding or words.

This will take you a little time but it worth it as it will reflect wonderfully on your ranking in search engines.

When including links to your blog or website make sure that the site you are linking to has an authority and don't just use generic terms like " this website or click here" in the anchor text, but let the anchor text you use succinctly summarize the linked topic or subject.

Summary= Relevant Linking= Higher Search Engine Ranking.

4. Be Linked

Is good to get people's blog been linked by others but it's often time easier said than done but (it's not that hard either) you should have in mind that most Bloggers are lazy and uninformed and finds it difficult to follow great advice, tips or tricks like this one am giving now.

Technorati.com is one of the top blog indexing sites.

They carried out a research which they found out that there are over 50 million blogs of which just a few of them have 'Authority'  this term Authority is used by Technorati in place of 'Popularity'.

Which goes to say that no other site is found backlinking to many of these blogs.   

So the important question now is how can l be able to get this all-important backlinks l need?

There are many ways one can get links to a blog but am going to use this tested and working methods instead.

For example, assuming you are writing more than one topic in your blog, then you can really split the postings into many blogs.

Like if you are covering 10 subjects then, you can be able to get 'Authority' of 10 at Technorati because you will simply link them to each other.

But it's advisable not to split your blogs to more than three blogs until you feel comfortable and have the speed and agility to be able to cover them all because you can risk forgetting posting to some of this blog frequently enough to keep your visitors interested.

You can easily use Blogroll system which is built into most blogging platforms or system to build up links to your blog both incoming and outgoing links.

The best way to exchange links is to find sites similar to your niche content.

But why doing that make sure you search for the blog with high-quality, higher 'Authority' and it can even have a Google Rank Page that's regularly updated.

When you find a good candidate add his or her blog to your own Blogroll with a description, description link text and an email written to the blog owner informing them you like their blog and in few sentences why you liked it, so that they will actually believe you have been and read it. 
Then tell them you liked their blog much that's why you have linked them from your site and also give them your own blog URL so they can check the link.

Finally, tell them you would really appreciate it if they find out time to link back to you, but don't insist on a link back as you can get a better result by just asking instead of insisting.

After this process, wait for them for some weeks and if you don't get a link back then drop the link for them and move on unless it's a very much important link to have in your site and also remember to thank them when they link back.

You have to repeat this process until you get up to 15 or 20 links in your Blogroll.

Why l said 15 or 20 is because having more than that number may put off sites that are linking to you thinking you are spreading your blog traffic too thinly.

When you have acquired the required number make sure you keep an eye on the links to make sure they are still linking to your blog site and replace anyone that unlinks you.

Summary: Links = Your Blog's Lifeline.

5. Be Indexed

This post was written because of the importance of your blog been indexed which l also in this very post has talked about Search engines and Technorati.

As a Blogger you must make sure that you have submitted your blog on all the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.

There are other search engines we have but they may not help you much on getting more traffic and ensure your blog has sitemap widget enabled to make sure you notify and submit it to the search engines so that your blog can be indexed by them properly.

Some software like Wordpress can automatically ping most search engines when you write a new post but make should this feature is enabled on your blog.

Next important step now is to sign up at www.technorati.com as a member, create a new account and also fill as many details as possible this will help other blog owners to find your blog easily when they search.

Also remember to list the blogs you operate with like Technorati, including keywords and descriptions.

After this, you can join other important indexing sites like www.blogcatalog.com, which is made up of the social networking and indexing site, and it can help increase your blog traffic a lot.

Also look up for blogs that are similar to yours and add their authors as friends with time they will start adding you back and this will lead to a rapid increase on your blog site traffic.

You can use Google to look up other indexing sites and if they require you to put their banner or logo on your blog don't worry because that will do you more good than harm.

And do remember that your blog software is a content management system (.CMS.) and also for writing blog posts,  and you can also use it to write informational articles or collection of background on your blog's topic.

This may take little time to form or put together, but the more you put on your blog the more quality links you will get from search engines and other websites.

Summary:  Indexes = Ongoing Traffic.

6. Be Pictured

Using pictures on your blogs, without a doubt, will fetch you tons of traffic from the search engines picture search feature.

Many people who browse and surf the internet generally look just for pictures and images but when they find one from your site they will often surf your own site before they take (steal) the picture.

When making a post and there's no video or any other media you must make sure that the post has suitable image on it, and it not good also to do what most other Bloggers do i.e taking pictures from Google and other search engines, just be smarter and add the ideology or term "royalty-free royalty free", "free" or "public domain" to your search because you won't like your blog to risk to be sued when it becomes popular.

Always remember also to rename the picture you are uploading on your blog post, assuming you are writing about best-pinging sites then you have to renew it like best_pinging_sites_for_your_blog.jpg.

This description keywords are very important because it's what users will search and hopefully they will find your own picture or image ahead of other many thousand others.

It becomes necessary to say it's of no use to use third-party services like Photobucket to store images but that you must upload this images on your blog if you want it to generate traffic for your blog.

Summary: Pictures = Thousand Hits.

7. Be Noticed

To be noticed as a Blogger then you have to learn to use the power of social media, social news, bookmarking sites and other sites that can give and create for you the awareness you need to be noticed.

Sites like www.digg.com and www.stumbleupon.com would help a lot to give you the traffic you need.

Digg site at first would give you a rapid increase in visitors but if your blog is popular it may temporally grind your blog server to a halt.

StumbleUpon, on the other hand, will grow your blog little by little at first which, if few Stumblers gives your blog thumb up, will slowly grow and generate you the traffic your server can handle.

This shows that at long run StumbleUpon will generate much more traffic than Digg as your blog stay in the mix of StumbleUpon sites.

There are other many services that can offer you such services as www.reddit.com,  www.twitter.com, www.myspace.com, www.facebook.com etc.

Some of this sites would require you to signup, do so and start submitting your blog post but not that much to avoid annoying visitors thinking you are going against the spirit of this sites so you have to be summiting other people blog post too and sometimes submit yours so that your traffic doesn't suffer.

This sites might not make visitors be clicking your ads but they may bookmark your blog and this way you will have more traffic and next with time it will start giving you the income you need.

Summary:  Social Bookmarking = Traffic Goldmine.    

8. Be a Capitalist

If you don’t want to try and make money from your site then ignore this section.

On the other hand, if there’s money to be made from your blogging, why not?

You may not make very much but if you could make $10 a day (everything on the web seems to be in dollars) that would net you $300 pocket money each month. And it’s actually not that hard to achieve with a few blogs.
Of course, if your traffic grows you might be able to generate a handy second income of $1,000 or more a month.

But at that level, you’ll probably be putting a significant number of hours each week into your blogging.

Just for something to sets your sites on you might be interested to know that it is actually possible to generate over $10,000 a month from blogging as there’s an elite group doing just that.
According to figures published by www.problogger.net in 2005, there were 45 bloggers in the $10,000 a month league, and that figure has risen ever since.

Anyway, that’s the top bloggers, but what about you and me? Well, the way to start is to get yourself a Google AdSense account and add the code they give you into your blog.

Providing you have any kind of decent traffic you’ll see a click-through ratio of up to 3%. Poor traffic such as from Digg and StumbleUpon will get you less, while good traffic such as search engines will get you more.

But on the whole, for every 100 visitors to your blog, you might expect about three of them to click on your ads, for which you’ll be paid anything from around 5c up to $1 or more each per click.

When averaged over a month or more the actual payout seems to end up around 15c a click.

So you can work out that 1,000 daily visitors to your site might generate $1.50 in revenue. 

That’s about $550 per year which isn’t bad and should be quite achievable for a beginner.

All you have to do next to increase your earnings is three things:

3: Increase earnings per click

Achieving the first is what this article has been all about.
The other two can really only be attained through trial and error.

For example, you could change the placement of the ads on your site.

Or you could try changing the colors.

Then again, because AdSense responds to what you write about you could try covering different topics to see if you get better results.

As long as you make a note of what you did and when you can then go back over your earnings reports and see what did work or didn’t work for you.
A word of advice when doing this though.

Only change one thing at a time or you’ll find it very difficult to extrapolate any meaningful results from the data.

Also, try to extract any StumbleUpon and Digg or similar traffic from your data if you can before you analyze it, as this type of traffic will skew your ratios.

Summary: Advertising = Money For Old Posts.

9. Be Smart

Be smart by exploring the new technologies around like turning your blog into an iPhone or Android application.
You can make it be a static blog updating app that requires downloading every now and then or as a dynamic app that would automatically display your blog latest posts (this really works).

You can also use the potential power of the new Tablet computing platform by finding ways to make use of them to your advantage.

Also try as much as possible to follow the advice on this post, you can bookmark it and keep on reading it till you assimilate it and it becomes part of you.

Then finally treat your blog and your blog readers with respect and always pay attention to details.

Because Blog readers can figure out blogs that are created for the purpose of just generating income.
So be interesting and your reader will be interesting.

Then after a year or less, you too may become one of the web's next hit top Blogger.

Summary: Goodluck - Happy Blogging.

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