Why you should remove Quick Edit from Blogger templates and how to remove it.

In most of the modern blogger  templates that are built now we use has so many features which is meant to make the templates look cool and nice. 

But some of this features  dor the builders of the templates achieves there aim of making this templates astonishing, still some of the features impacts and works negatively to our blog. 

And some of this negative features are slowing down the loading speed of the blog site, making the blog to rank low on SEO ranking and also affects negatively the beauty of your blog which you might not know.

Which made me to write about one of this features that affects our blog negatively, that's  built inside our blogger template HTML it's called Quick Edit  and l will show you three easy ways of removing this Quick Edit,  Pencil Icons and Wrench Icons from Widgets and Posts in Blogger Template Editor HTML using CSS customizing codes from post setting which make your blog become free from blogger icons. 

The Quick Edit on a Blogger template is a wonderful feature that's built to helps the editor of the blog to edit documents with ease and to save him or her more this for doing those editing work. 

This Quick Edit feature is essential to the editor but it's of no used to the blog readers and visitors who patronises your blog site.

And this Quick Edit features also comes with Quick Edit Pencil Icon and Wrench Icons which shows up on blog widgets area and blog footer to provide the editor an easy method of editing this footers and widgets without much effort or looking up the widgets and footer up from the Blogger editor dashboard. 

This features where built in other to making things easier but they impact negatively and it demerits your blog site because any time a visitor visits your blog the pencil links and image wrench icons gets rendered which will lower the load speed of the blog because each of this icons and links send extra html load request. 

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Secondly this icons been images affects SEO because this Quick Edit, Pencil icon and Wrench icons which are images don't have alt or title tags and so when google crawlers visits your blog site to index it, It will see those image as not optimized images and will rank you blog lower becasue of absence of META data for this wrench icon images,

besides most of the bloggers who leaves this features in there blog don't make use of them so totally they are of no use to you as the owner of the blog and also it effects your blog negatively. 
how to remove quick edit
How to remove the Quick Edit Icon

Am going to give you three simple methods of removing this Quick Edit, Pencil Icon and Wrench Icon features from your Blogger so you can select from the three the best method suitable for you to use. 

First Method: is to totally remove this Quick edit feature entirely from you blog and never see it again. so if you are not making use of the feature this method is most suitable for you to follow.

Note: Always backup your Blogger template any time you wants to do any editing work on you blog HTML for safety precaution purposes. 

   To remove quick edit links from your blog go to blogger template → Click Edit HTML → Search for quick edit data tag by pressing CTRL+F and look for the below code and delete all instances of it.

If you are using your Phone to edit your Blogger HTML then you can check: Best five HTML Source code editor app easy to use for Android.

<b:include name='quickedit'/>

When you finish the deletion of all the icons then save your blog and your are through. 

Second Method: This method is applicable when you dn't realy want to remove the Quick Edit Wrench Icon entirely using HTML browser comment but still wants not to be rendered or be crawled by the crawlers or loaded by broswers then you have to look up for this:

<b:include name='quickedit'/>

by using CTRL+F and replace all instances of it with the below code.

<!--b:include name='quickedit'/-->

This codes will comment out the Quick Edit data tag thereby telling browser and crawlers to ignore it as it's a comment when loading your blog thereby removing all the Wrench icons. 

Third Method:  This third method is about using CSS code to hide the Wrench icons without having to use method 1 or 2 mentioned above and it's the most popular of the three methods l gave out. 

This method is easiest and ok because it gets rid of you manualy looking up for Quick Edit data tags code from the Blogger HTML so that you can tweak or remove it.

 To remove wrench icons using this method go to your Blogger Template Editor → Click on Themes  → Click on Customize → Click on Advance → Scroll down to Add CSS section and add in the below code and save your template to remove the quick edit links from your blog.

Or go to your Blogger HTML search for this line ]]></b:skin> and place the code below just above it.


This CSS code will hide the Quick Edit icon from browsers but it may still be visible in Blogger Template editor preview. 

How to remove Quick Edit Pencil Icons 

To remove the Quick Edit pencil icon from Blogger post footer go to Blogger template editor go to → Blogger Layout panel → click Edit on Blog Posts layout and from the popped up options unpick the"Show Quick Editing"option and click save. 

This will get rid of the quick edit pencil from your Blogger Footer. 

You can use this tools.pingdom.com to test for the presence of Quick Edit, pencil and wrench icons on your blog and also check how this features is affecting you blog load speed and SEO ranking of your blog by adding extra http load request and the absence of alt tags. 

And also use the tool to check out the difference between your SEO ranking  and load time before and after removing the Quick Edit links

But if after checking it out with tools.pindom.com tool or other tools and you still find the presence of wrench icon that means you have realy used method 3 but l prefer you use method 1 or 2 to get rid of it and improve your sites score. 

After following this methods we would love to hear from you how better or best your site loading speed and SEO ranking has become or if you finds any difficulty you can still use the comment box below to ask us questions and we will put you through.

Author: My name is Omeh Collins Ogbonna am a passionate Blogger who wants to Help The World Through Technology by Solving, giving out Useful and Valuable information using my blog as the great and unique medium. We provides all Tech / Telecommunication services, How To Make Money Online, free/Cheap Datas, Andriod Smartphones, Games, 9Mobile, Tech news, iPhones, Phone Review, ICT Issues, Free Tutorials. etc. You can Contact Me or join my Social media platforms. We welcome everybody from all around the World. love you all.

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