Why You Should Add Hreflang Tag On Your Blog and How To Use It In Your Blogger Site.

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What's Hreflang Attribute

Before l go into how to add Hreflang Attribute tag on your blog l will first of all explain what it means. 

Hreflang Attribute defined:  Hreflang Attribute which can also be called ( rel="aternate"hreflang="x") is an Attribution or code that tells Google which particular language you are using in your site or particular page. Which will help the search engines to serve main result to users who are searching in that langauge. 

Here is an example of Hreflang Attribute code:

<link rel="alternate" href="http://example.com" hreflang="en-us" />
What is Rel="Alternate" Hreflang="x"?

This code was introduced by Google platform in December 2011,  this Hreflang Attribute allows you to show search engine the relationship between web pages in alternate languages. 

The Hreflang Attribute is useful when you are creating a content targeting a particular audience in mind. 

It signals to search engine that a user querying in language "x" will want this result instead of a page with a similar content in langauge "y".

How To Use Hreflang Tags In Your Blogger Blog Site

Using this example below l will make you understand more about the Hreflang Attribute tag assuming you wants to creat a Spanish langauge version of an English Langauge home page, you will have to tag the homepage as "Español" by using the Hreflang Attribute hreflang="es" which will make search engines with an IP address to deliver the Spanish version of the langauge instead of the English version to any Spanish speaking Country whose making the search. 

This will help to decrease your site bounce rate and also increase your conversions by making sure your targeted audience are the once who lands on your page most appropriate for them. 
Hreflang Attribute can also be used to target a Variants of a particular langauge by targeting your page more precisely by extending the Hreflang Attribute with annotations which will help to indicate which particular region you are targeting e.g. Spain hreflang="es-es" versus Mexico hreflang="es-mx".

This is particularly useful to geo target users to control for variations in seasonality, currency, shipping culture etc.

The most important thing is that Hreflang  is a signal not a directive to the search engine. which means that other SEO factors can overwrite or override the Hreflang Attribute which will cause different versions of your page to rank higher. 

And will give search engines best clearer possible signals about a particular page langauge which a user is searching about. 

Note: make sure you're using other international SEO best practices. Dor Google and Yandex are currently making use of Hreflang Attribute but Bing uses langauge meta tags instead. 

How To Use Hreflang Tags In Your Blogger Blog Site

From here l will be brief and direct so you can add and implement this Hreflang Attribute asap on your blog or website for better SEO ranking, decrease in your bounce rate etc For knowing more you just watch the Google Webmasters video.

Mostly many Webmasters uses the Hreflang Attribute English in there sites including me, so If you want to learn more about Hreflang Tags visit Google Webmaster Blog.

Now below I will share a guide for using language tags in blogger blog. So, let's see.

Use Hreflang Tags In Your Blogger Blog Go to Blogger Dashboard and click Theme. Then Edit HTML. Now click on the HTML code area and find <head> tag. Now paste the below code just after the <head> section.

But if you are using Mobile Phone to edit your blog HTML code read this: Best five HTML Source code editor app easy to use for Android.

<link rel="alternate" href="http://empiretechx.com/en-us" hreflang="en-us" />

If after inputting the first code and you gets a parsing code error when uploading the template then you have to use this alread parsed Hreflang Attribute tag codes below follow the steps above and add it. 

&lt;link rel=&quot;alternate&quot; href=&quot;http://empiretechx.com/en-us&quot; hreflang=&quot;en-us&quot; /&gt;

Replace my blog URL with yours

But in some instances you may like to use multiple Hreflang Attribute to target many English speaking Countries then you have to use this Hreflang Attribute down here the second code is the parsed version of the Hreflang Attribute code.
<link rel="alternate" href="http://example.com/en-ie" hreflang="en-ie" />
<link rel="alternate" href="http://example.com/en-ca" hreflang="en-ca" />
<link rel="alternate" href="http://example.com/en-au" hreflang="en-au" />
<link rel="alternate" href="http://example.com/en" hreflang="en" />
Use the parsed version here. 

&lt;link rel=&quot;alternate&quot; href=&quot;http://empiretechx.com/en-ie&quot; hreflang=&quot;en-ie&quot; /&gt;
&lt;link rel=&quot;alternate&quot; href=&quot;http://empiretechx.com/en-ca&quot; hreflang=&quot;en-ca&quot; /&gt;
&lt;link rel=&quot;alternate&quot; href=&quot;http://empiretechx.com/en-au&quot; hreflang=&quot;en-au&quot; /&gt;
&lt;link rel=&quot;alternate&quot; href=&quot;http://empiretechx.com/en&quot; hreflang=&quot;en&quot; /&gt;

  • And you are done.
When you have successfully added the  Hreflang Tags in your Blogger Blog site. In days when your blog site is crawled again you will see a change in your webmaster  like below in language section.

How To Use Hreflang Tags In Your Blogger Blog Site

If you have any question or questions you can use the comment box below and also try to share this post thanks. 


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