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How to configure Glo 0.0k free unlimited browsing trick using Tweakware VPN

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Today am going to show you how to configure and surf the  internet unlimitedly on Glo Network having 0.0k naira on your Glo line which is made possible using Tweakware VPN.

Just like on my previous post l showed you guys Glo free unlimited browsing using Anonytun VPN app and Glo 0.00k Free browsing cheat using UC Mini Handler which are still blazing and working very well. 

Glo 0.0k free unlimited trick using Tweakware VPN

How to use it: 

Forst you will have to download Tweakware VPN from here  and then proceed to how to configure the tweakwear app to browse on you phone. 

After downloading the app follow this steps below to configure the app. 

How to Setup Glo 0.0 Unlimited On Tweakware

After downloading Tweakware VPN

▶Now open your Tweakware and Click on Settings
▶Click on Custom Tweak and Set as Below
✔Tick reverse proxy port
Now Go back to The App front and select CUSTOM and Click on Glo 0.0k Connect

Anonytun Settings:

Open installed anonytun vpn and configure as below;

✓ Click on Stealth Settings and turn on Stealth Tunnel
✓ Change Connection Protocol from TCP to HTTP
✓ Connection Port: 8081 (Updated)
✓ Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
✓ Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and configure the settings below;
Request method: POST
Injection method: Normal
Check (Tick) User Agent option
Updated: Also tick "Forward Host" and "Keep-Alive" to stop quick disconnections
Click on Generate and Save.
Save the settings and go back to the homepage.
✓ Click on Connect, in few seconds connection would be established and you're ready to start downloading or browsing your favorite sites.

How do you see this free browsing cheat hope it's working wella on your phone but if you are finding it difficult to configure or have any recommendations you can use the comment box below.