Glo Network To Offer Free Data Day to all it's Globacom subscribers

Glo Network providers are at it again this time around it getting bigger and better on Friday 11th August 2017 ie Tommorow Glo network is offering a first free Data day for browsing and surfing internet.

Which means if you have a Glo line you will browse and and surf as you like till the day gets off it should be a mega Friday for all the Glo customers. 
Glo Network To Offer Free Data Day to all it's Globacom subscribers

When was it announced

The Glo Free Data Day was announced at launch time by the Company website which is open to all the Glo prepaid subscribers and will be fully enjoyed by any individual when he or she reaches the voice and/or data usage threshold within the seven days interval making it possible for you to enjoy the free data day. 

The Glo Network Providers are doing this as a way of giving out more opportunities and creating avenue for thier beloved customers to do alot more on the internet (browsing and surfing) the net for a whole full day without paying for it. 

They stated

“We appreciate the essence of the internet in contemporary world. We are through this product empowering our customers in an unprecedented way in their business, social and educational pursuits”, they stated.

How it works. 

To be eligible for this Mega free Data day you must have used up to 100MB plus N150 on vioce calls or N250 on voice calls only starting from Friday 4th to Thursday 10th August. 

The eligibility is as in combination of both the use of data up to 100MB or using Glo credit for voice calls up to N250 or using Pay as you use. 

Weather the credit or data was recharged during or before 4th to 10th August as long as the amount of data or credit you used up before 11th August is up to that stipulated amount they requested then you will be able to enjoy the day. 

This type of offer has been done before my Globacom by offering Free Data Day and most of the people who qualified for it enjoyed the day so based on this they are about to replicate the good deed and being smile and joy to thier customers and Nigeria people at large.

How to know if you are eligible? 

Based on this good omen the Glo network company has further explained that any customer who has qualified for the Free Data Day will be notified maybe through SMS or other means and that the subscriber don't need to dail any code as long as he or she has used up the required amount of data or credit leading to 11th August. 

This is the first of it kind done by any other network providers here in Nigeria but basically as no other network providers (MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile)....  would like to lose thier customers then l sense they too will soon follow suit. 

Do the data usage have limit? 

Yes Glo made it known that data fair usage policy will be applied to the amount of data an individual would use up for the day and this data can be enjoyed in the new 4G LTE network of Glo network. 

The company disclosed that in line with its promise to change the face of telecoms services in Nigeria, the Globacom network had been reinvigorated to provide stronger data and voice services to its subscribers.

Globacom also assured subscribers that it had enhanced the quality of its network to accommodate the anticipated traffic that the exciting product would add.

I hope you enjoys your Friday and weekend altogether l call it a Mega Friday for all the Glo customers enjoy.
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