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Best simplest way of removing Powered by Blogger Attribution on Blogger.

Simple way of removing powered by blogger attribution

On this article am going to write basically on how to remove the default Blogger Attribution named "Powered by Blogger" which appears on all defualt Blogger theme this is an attribute that's created inbuilt on the blogger platform. 

But not every body likes to see this attribute appear on thier blog (he or she). Although is a way of giving credit to the wonderful work done by Blogger. 

As a newbie usually you don't have problem or issues about this Blogger attribute appearing on your blog but as time goes by and you begin to gain more knowlegde and awareness on the business of blogging you may begin to look for ways to remove it. 

But this attribute can't be removed easily espicially by new ones because by default it's not easy to remove. 

This attribute is locked and can't be edited easily by newbies but on this article which l will be very brief on l will give you a simple script that you can apply to you Blogger HTML to remove this credit.  

Why Bloggers Don't Like Powered By Blogger Attribution

Just like a mentioned earlier at the begining as a newbie you may find it appearing cool and nice but as time goes by you may see it as having umprofessional entics.
The attribution widgets can be removed from the blogger layout but on this post l will show you how to remove it using a simple script.   


It's of uptimost importance that you always back up your blogger template on you device or system before you can emback on any edithing work on you blogger HTML so that if you makes a mistake on the process you can easily restore it back. 

How To Disable Powered By Blogger Attribution

Simple way of removing powered by blogger

=> Login to your blogger dashboard with your active blogger account
=> Click on Templates. (its just above settings under the lists of options at the dashboard)
=> A new tab will open. Then look at the top right corner and you will see "backup/restore". Click on it to create a backup of your template. After that, move to the next step.

=> Now click "edith HTML"
=> You are now in the HTML program page for your blog.
=> Look for the </head> tag (just click inside the code area and press ctrl + f to open the search dialog box, then type </head> and hit enter to arrive at the closing tag.
=> Now just above it, paste this code below

#Attribution1 {
display: none;
Simple way of removing powered by blogger

Then preview your blog by clicking the "preview template" up there. Then save and check your blog. The "Powered By Blogger" Attribution is gone.


With this simple steps l hope that the guide is useful? but if you still encounter any difficulty you can use the comment box below for your queations and l will give you the neccessary support you need asap. 

Also endevour to share with your friends using the share button (thiers love in sharing) and enjoy your blogging all the way. 



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