Wednesday, July 12

MyMTNApp: Get free MTN 100MB up to 1GB now on your MTN line.

My lovely people MTN Nigeria is giving out 100MB of data for free which is blazing and is on point now. 

MTN Nigeria is giving out free 100MB data to all thier existing customers for the downlaod of their MTN official app called MyMTNApp but the most amazing thing is that you can use this MTN free data to download and browse the internet and do any other related online stuffs.

And this MyMTNApp free data is not based on cheat but it's an Official offer which is coming directly from MTN Nigeria network itself. 

The purpose of MTN giving out this free data is for the download of thier app but the app size is only 8MB so after downloading the app as MTN wish you are still left with 92MB with which you can chat and browse on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram....... etc and also download any other app you would wish to download with it.


The activation process is easy and simple on your MTN line text Myapp to 131 via SMS and you will get a meassge saying

  •  Y'ello, your subscription is PENDING because you are yet to confirm your request. Please dial *560*1# to confirm your request.

and within some seconds 2 or 3 seconds you will recieve the free 100MB on your phone as am typing this article is the free data am already using in doing that.

Get free MTN 100MB data onmy MTN App

To check your data balance, just dial *559*4#

Sometimes, you may not receive confirmation message but the data is already there smiling at you.

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Yes as long as you are using MTN and you are thier existing customer you are already automatically eligible for this free 100MB data. 


Yes the 100MB free data can be accumulated to 1GB which is the more interesting part of this free offer. You can do this trick by just following this simple steps below 
Send myApp to 131 u'll receive a bonus of 100mb valid for 3 days

NB.MTN users only. If u get it then move to step 2

Now Send Stop MyApp to 131 and resend MyApp to 131

That's how to accumulate it.. Maximum of 1gig..

It will be wish if you play your games wise when you reach 1GB you should stop because tring to acquire more than that at once may lead to your MTN line been blacklisted my MTN network and thier's no proven solution on that for now. 

Sometimes you might get a message like this
Y'ello, your subscription to Myapp has failed. Please retry by sending Myapp to 131.

So follow the principles and enjoy while it lasts.

NOTE: This MTN free data valids for only 3 days so when you gets it make sure you use it before it expires. 

Have you tried sending myapp to 131 and gotten your 100MB of data if so endevour to share this post on social media so your friends too can get thiers cause thier's love in sharing. Enjoy. 



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