How to use 2 Whatsapp on one Android Smartphone with different phone numbers

Some people may be wondering how possible this maybe but this surprise should be for some not many as a lot of individuals including me has been using 2 Whatsapp application on my phone for quite a long time now. 

Using two Whatsapp on your phone is an added advantage to anybody who is making use of it as it gives you the possibility of using two sim cards to chat friends and family on the same phone. 

How to use 2 Whatsapp on one phone.

The advantage of using 2 Whatsapp:

  • It gives you the ability to use 2 Whatsapp application on the same phone
  • It will help you keep your inactive sim active this way the network providers won't be able to block the same card. 
  • Using two Whatsapp on 1 you can see when your friends are online will still talk about that in details. 
  • You can be able to get information from two different sources. 

Thier are 2 different types of Whatsapp applications though they have the same name.

But they are built by different individuals one is Whatsapp Messenger version why they other is GB Whatsapp version.

They answer the same Whatsapp but the two have different work and features that make it possible for it to be used on the same phone. 

Whatsapp Messenger 

This the older Whatsapp version that most of us are conversant with.

It's the first Whatsapp that was built before any other Whatsapp application. 

It has many features and has helped a lot of individual immensely. 

It been built over by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and now is been operated and licensed on my Facebook. 

GB Whatsapp

This the new Whatsapp application has been in existence since 2011 and has passed through many upgrade and developments and the owner of GB Whatsapp is Urmar.

GB Whatsapp has many added amazing features which 1 of them is you been able to see which of your friends on Whatsapp is ONLINE or OFFLINE.

Advantages of Using GB Whatsapp

✅ It has the advantage of you seeing your friends who are online which other Whatsapp App can't do

✅ You can change the Themes of your background and all-round appearance of the App easily.

✅ It has nice and more amazing charming designs from which you can select from.

✅ It has other many better features than other Whatsapp version.

Let me just mention few, but there are many benefits, when you download and explore the App you will see there is more to it.

To Read more on GB Whatsapp  click Here

How to use 2 WhatsApp on 1 Phone. 

I will not write a lot on this again as it is a simple and straightforward process, all you need do is to download the two Whatsapp versions on your phone, install it, then register it and boom your phone is activated using two Whatsapp applications. 

To download GB Whatsapp Click Here 

Have you tried it out if you have, did it work or you still find any difficulty in implementing it?

If so let me know through the comment box and l will put you through but if it worked you can also use the comment box to encourage others to follow suit and enjoy the benefits. And also share. 
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