How to get paid by your global clients easily and at low cost with Payoneer here in Nigeria from USA and European Companies.

How to easily get your Payoneer Master Card here in Nigeria

First of all l will have to explain what Payoneer is and what use it will be to you.

Payoneer is an online (Transactions Company ) with Payoneer, you can transfer, transact, collect and withdraw money from local ATM here in Nigeria or any where in the World.

You can use Payoneer

.          to get paid by your global clients easily and at low cost with Payoneer!

·         Collect payments from marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr with Payoneer!

·         Bill your global clients and get paid directly with Payoneer!

·         Working on freelance platforms? Get paid with Payoneer!

·         Payoneer makes it easy for professionals to collect payments from their global clients

·         Sign up for a FREE Payoneer account and start collecting global payments!

·         Bill your clients, send payment reminders and collect payments easily with Payoneer!

·         Bill your clients worldwide, collect funds in your local bank account!

You can buy and pay for products and services online through online stores, it  also help you promote your business locally and international in all must anywhere around the World.

Payoneer is very popular Company just like PayPal, was found in the year 2005 and owned by an American Company based in New York City. 

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One of the most valuable services they provide is making it possible for you to receive payment in USD from any company based in America as if you have an American (US) bank account.

….. (Making it look like you have and use USA bank account here in 9ja).

How to easily get your Payoneer Master Card here in Nigeria

Payoneer makes it possible also for one to receive his or her payments in EUR from any European companies.
…… (making it look as if you have an European bank account).

To get the Payoneer easily follow this link: For easy delivery  Sign Up & Earn $25 for free.

Having explained all this then how can it be possible for you to get this Payoneer in Nigeria?

In this article l will reveal to you the easiest way of getting this Payoneer.

First you have to sign in to Payoneer account and once the new account is approved by the Payoneer company your Payoneer will be shipped to your doorstep at your home address.

After you apply they will send you an email specifying when likely when your Payoneer will be delivered to you and in some instances it reaches you earlier than expected.

But the normal duration is usually around three months depending on your location here in the country.

l heard if you are based in Lagos it reaches you much earlier than this three months l have mentioned live and direct from USA.

How To Apply For Payoneer in Nigeria?

To apply you have to go to their official website which is Payoneer and sign up for a free account.

How to easily get your Payoneer Master Card here in Nigeria

In the new window that will popped up you will be required to fill forms like: your full name, yout address, phone number, email country, the currency you would like to use, your Nigeria bank number, bank names swift and bic see here all Nigeria banks swift codes and bic codes of your bank, you ID verification pin etc

Set your password, Secret Question and Answer and select your ID type e.g drivers license and provide the details of the ID as required.

How to easily get your Payoneer Master Card here in Nigeria

You can enter alternative shipping address if different from the address you provided earlier.

This is the address your Payoneer will be shipped to in Nigeria.

When you are done, click ORDER button.

And a successful registration message will appear and they will urge you to wait as your application is under review and an email will be sent to you for further actions to take. 

How to easily get your Payoneer Master Card here in Nigeria

Then, you wait for approval.

Once your application is approved, you will receive notification via email with info of when to expect the card to be delivered to you.

When your application is approved then your Payoneer will be shipped to your place direct from USA to the address you filled in when registering for it.

The arrival of your Payoneer depends on your location but you should wait as the benefit is great when you receives it.

To get the Payoneer easily follow this link: For easy delivery  Signup & Earn $25 for free.

When you receives the Payoneer you will have to activate it in the Payoneer website from where you signed up from. 

Once activated, you can start using it to receive funds online or for online payments.

How do l fund my Payoneer?

You can fund your Payoneer by telling any other person to fund it for you or use other Nigeria cards to fund it or best alternative you can link the Payoneer account to your PayPal account or to other Payoneer partner sites that pays affiliates directly into US bank account like  Commission Junction .

The Payoneer is issued by Choice Bank Limited, Wirecard Solutions Ltd ("WDCS").

Are you willing to get your Payoneer then give it a try but if you have received yours how long did it take you to receive it?
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