Best five Blogging HTML Source code editor app easy to use for Android.

When programming with the right tools it becomes a thing of fun.

here in this article l will be giving out 5 free Android tools that are more effective and reliable for editing, writing, testing of source codes without pestering.

I know the use of Computer for doing the work is much easier but Technology is always creating a way to make things easier for everybody.

With this source editing tools, you can rest assured of doing your editing work anywhere that you feel is convenient right there on your phone without the need for a Computer System.

editing the source code

In the world today we have too many Andriod HTML app source editing tools around but the big question is (will this app do the work for me effectively without wasting your precious time for nothing) just like in The Google Play Store  we have different uncountable apps all for your coding needs – code editors, compilers, and development environments, just to name a few.

These apps vary from each other with different features, working ability, and drawbacks which makes selecting the right tool more difficult but l have compiled the best top 5 code editors for Android for you that can help you code, edit, compile and run your source code on the move.

1. Quoda
Quoda app is unarguably the best among the free multi-language code editor for Android.

It has a lot of powerful features that software programmers will need but also easy source code editor to use.

It has a lot of built-in features like syntax highlighting, auto-suggestion, line bookmarking, auto-indentation... 

Which makes the app a very good productive enhancing functional [Get it here]

qouda Html source code editor

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2. DroidEdit
DroidEdit is a text writer and source code editor with a pure clean and tidy interface.

Has multi-language support, easily built-in features to make you do and achieve your aim easily and efficiently.

It works best for Android devices just like NotePad++ works for a desktop operating system. - this means the DriodEdit can function or used to modify and open simple text files and also to open and modify source code files of many programming languages.

DroidEdit gives syntax highlighting that incorporates guide for more than two hundred languages, and many built-in issues in addition to an option to create custom color issues. writer mode turns off the auto-correct and switches at the spell-checker. Emmet may be used to increase simple expressions into full-fledged HTML code. other features consist of line wrap, seek and update, extra keys on your keyboard for quicker code typing and even guide for modifying device documents in your rooted tool.

DroidEdit has help for downloading and importing documents from faraway storage providers. you could add and download files from (s) FTP servers. It even supports analyzing and writing to cloud storage carriers inclusive of Dropbox, Google drive and box. moreover, it has a rare characteristic of integrated assist for Git that lets in you to check out, edit, dedicate and push at once out of your phone or tablet. [Get it here]

driodedit Html source code editor

3. AWD
Android web Developer (AWD) is a simple yet feature-rich integrated improvement environment. It lets you code and develops web projects the usage of your Android smartphone or tablet. you may use it to edit and code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Hypertext Preprocessor as properly. It comes with complete-display screen mode and pill-ready consumer interface that improves the general coding revel in.

AWD is an easy yet effective code editor for writing or enhancing the source code of your assignment’s documents. It helps diverse productivity features along with code highlighting, code final touch, mistakes checking, code beautifying, fast navigation, seek and replace among different matters. It even gives a brief preview of your net pages in the utility.

AWD helps to manage tasks effortlessly by using offering many quick methods to reach your project. It lets in you to paintings with the neighborhood in addition to far off documents. you could upload and download documents from FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers. To top it off, it even supports WebDAV for having access to and storing your internet tasks.[Get it here]

awd Html source code editor

AIDE, which stands for Android IDE, is a complete incorporated improvement surrounding for Android development.

It lets you code and increases Android packages proper on your Android device without the want of a computer machine.

You may additionally discover ways to increase Java and Android packages. Programming classes are interactive with step-via-step instructions, which help amateurs to without difficulty learn the competencies of app improvement for Java and Android structures.

AIDE helps you to increase Android apps, Java apps or PhoneGap apps the use of Java, C/C++, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.  Visual fashion designer lets you visually layout the person interface of the app with code without the want of writing XML code.

There’s additionally the function-rich editor which coa mes with code of completion, real-time error checking, refactoring, and smart code navigation. It offers a one-click on technique to bring together and run your mission.

AIDE is compatible with the popular desktop IDEs for Android – Eclipse and Android Studio. because of this it can open and run projects created with the given computing device IDEs and vice-versa.

It is able to integrate with Dropbox for uploading and downloading documents from the popular cloud garage. great of all, there’s assist for Git, and it is able to edit, checkout, devote and push documents directly.[Get it here]

aide Html source code editor

5. CppDroid
CppDanoid is an easy yet powerful included development environment for C and C++ improvement.

It is a sparkling baked software, which brings the GCC compiler to Android. It lets in you to code, edit, assemble and execute C/C++ programs in your Android device with none difficulty. It comes with diverse demos or exercise packages, which let you study the fundamentals of programming in C and C++ languages.

CppDroid offers an intuitieditor thatitorthat comes with various functions for productive coding. Syntax highlighting is clever enough to spotlight numerous parts of theprogram and offers a choice for configurable themes. different features consist of auto-indentation, code-finishing touch, real-time diagnostics(warnings and errors), document and tutorial navigator, and terminal emulation to run your compiled packages.

CppDroid helps Dropbox – the famous cloud garage company. It integrates with dropbox to offer you with the functionality of importing and downloading from the cloud garage. There’s additionally an integrated add-on manager with the vehicle-replace feature, that is used to download and installation accessories for this software. [Get it here]


How To chose the best tool:

To chose the Best source code editor among this best 5 depends on the type of work you are trying to do with the app but l bet you all of the tools listed here are of high efficiency and effective to use any time anywhere.
In case you have any questions you can use the comment box down 👇 here and l will put you through. 
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