Latest and cheapest MTN Data subscriptions for June 2017


Latest and cheapest MTN Data subscriptions for June 2017

MTN Data Plan 2017 – Here are the subscription codes for MTN Data Plans , MTN Blackberry Plan and MTN Android Data Plan for 2017.

MTN Nigeria is unarguablly the largest and the widest  network coverage in Nigeria.
It has a large coverage area and the highest number of customers more than any other network providers we have in the Country now just like in thier slogan which goes like (MTN every where you go).

MTN data plan is the packages they give to thier users which allows than access to internet.

With this data packages you can surf and browse online till the data subscription finishes or expires.

In Nigeria MTN is one of the highest and costliest data packages we have why Airtel is the cheapest we have for now.

MTN Data Plan for 2017 ( Andriod Smartphones, iPhones and Laptops)  
Data PlanPriceValidityCode
1.5GB Monthly Plan#1,00024/7 for 30 daysText 106 to 131
3.5GB Monthly Plan#2,00024/7 for 30 daysText 110 to 131
10GB Monthly Plan#5,00024/7 for 30 daysText 116 to 131
22GB Monthly Plan#10,00024/7 for 30 daysText 117 to 131
50GB Mtn data plan#20,00024/7 for 30 daysText 118 to 131
85GB Monthly Plan#50,00024/7 for 30 daysText 133 to 131
750MB Weekly Plan#50024/7 for 14daysText 103 to 131
30MB Daily Plan#10024/7 for 24hoursText 104 to 131
100MB Daily Plan#20024/7 for 24 hoursText 113 to 131

This data plans from MTN Nigeria has been tested and it works pretty well and this is the latest data plans that MTN is offering it's subscribers presently.

To check out the balance for this data subscriptions simply:

Text 102 to 131 to check your balance :
 30MB For #100 : Get 10MB data for just #100 , valid for 24hours. Dial *104# or text 104 to 131 (Launched in May 2016 , initially 10mb for #100)

 100MB for #200 :  Dial *113# or text113 to 131. Valid for 24hours (Launched in May 2016 , initially 25mb for #150)

 750MB for #500 : With as low as #500 naira , you can get 750MB worth of MTN Data Plan. Dial *103# or text 103 to 131. Valid for 7 days. (New data plan , Launched in May 2016)

 1.5GB for #1,000 : Dial *106# or text106 to 131. Valid for 30 days (Launched  in May 2016 , initially 250mb for #1,000)

 3.5GB for #2,000 : Dial *110# or text110 to 131. Valid for 30days (Launched in May 2016 , initially 750MB for #2,000)

 10GB for #5,000. Dial *116# to subscribe. 30days validity (New Plan Launched in May 2016)

 22GB for #10,000. Dial *117# to subscribe. 30days validity (New Plan Launched in May 2016)

 50GB for #20,000 – Get 50GB mtn data plan for #20,000. Text “118” to 131. Valid for 60days

85GB for #50,000 –  Text “133” to 131. Valid for 90 days.

MTN GoodyBag Social

This MTN Goodybag Social is usually meant for MTN customers who only wants to engage in only in Social media networks platform like (Facebook, Linkedine, Twitter, Whatsapp........)  so if you only wants ti chat and keep in contact with your online friends and family then subscribe to this plans.

Facebook Weekly For #25
: Text FBW to 131

Facebook Monthly For #60 : Text FBM to 131

Twitter Weekly For #25 : Text TWTW to 131

Twitter Monthly For #60 : Text TWTM to 131

Eskimi Weekly For #25 : Text ESKW to 131

Eskimi Monthly For #60 : Text ESKM to 131

2GO Weekly For #25 : Text 2GOW to 131

2GO Monthly For #60 : Text 2GOM to 131

Whatsapp Weekly Bundle For #25 : TEXT WAW TO 131

Whatsapp Monthly Bundle For #60 : TEXT WAM TO 131

WeChat Weekly Bundle : TEXT WCW TO 131

WeChat Monthly Bundle : TEXT WAM TO 131

MTN Blackberry Data Plan Subscription

BB Bundles (BBOS) (Normal Blackberry) :


# 100 for 100MB data , valid for 24hours – Text BBCDAY to 21600

# 500 for 500MB , valid for 1week. – Text BBCWEEK to 21600

# 1,000 for 2GB data , Valid for 1month – Text BBCV to 21600

#100 for 100MB – Valid for 24hours – Text BBDAY to 21600

#550 for 500MB – Valid for 1 week – Text BBWEEK to 21600

#1,500 for 2GB – Valid= for 30days – Text BIS to 21600

MTN BlackBerry 10 Data Plans


#3,000 for 1.5GB – Valid for 30days – Text BBMAXIM to 21600

#1,100 for 350MB – Valid for 7days – Text BBMAXIW to 21600

#200 for 50MB – Valid for 24 hours – Text BBMAXID to 21600


#1,500 for 500MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBMIDIM to 21600

#550 for 125MB – Valid for 7 days – Text BBMIDIW to 21600

#100 fo r15MB – Valid for 24hours – Text BBMIDID to 21600


#1,000 for 260MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITEM to 21600

#350 for 70MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITEW to 21600

#70 for 10MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITED to 21600
 This all we have in card for now but incase you notice any one is not working do let us know so it can be update.

With this MTN data plans how do you see it and how goody is it to your online experience.
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