Jailbreaking iPhone Apple IOS Device.

Jailbreaking iPhone Apple IOS Device.

Whats Jail breaking

Jail breaking is the ability or the process of removing the restrictions placed on an iPhone, IPad, IPod......... software which is built into the device by Apple IOS and TVOS.


Jail breaking is the process of permitting root access to the Apple devices by allowing the installation if external applications, extentions, themes.......  which can't be found in Apple App Store.

Jail breaking originally started in 2007 and it has continued till date, but since it's invention it has not be threatened by the Apple IOS developers and in some countries is seen as a legal practice as long as the Copyright of the Apple device is not infringed or termpered with.

Like in 2010, 2012, and 2015 the U.S Copyright Office allowed and approved it's exemptions allowing Smartphone users to practice the act of Jailbreaking thier devices.

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More Definition of Jailbreaking: 

From it's meaning ( for one to say Jail break means for someone to break out of jail) so,

Jail breaking is the act of breaking an Apple device out of it's jail status.

This Apple device when Jail breaked like iPhone, Ipad, Ipod Touch......  running the official IOS can still use the App store, iTune and other normal functions of an Apple Phone like making phone calls, texting message.....

Can a Jail breaked Apple phone be restored? 

Yes a Jail breaked iPhone device can be restored to it's  normal "Jail" status through the device "Restoration Mode".

Reasons for Jail breaking an Apple device. 

Jail breaking a device expands the features, possibities which is set limited by Apple and it's App store. 

Apple and it's App store placed many limitations to the amount of Apps one can download through it's App store which means without Jail breaking your Apple device you are limited on the amount of Apps you can use,

But through Jail breaking the device you have broken the limitations or barriers and can be able to download this restricted apps.

Jail breaking an Apple device permits the download and the use of Apps which is not allowed by Apple to be in it's Play Store. 

Like user interfaxe Customization and Phone tweaks.

Jail breaking an Apple device helps one to download and install third party input systems built by the Chinese because of it's easiness of use. 

Jail breaking allows it's users the possibilities of using softwares and applications to unofficially unlock Carrier-locked iPhone devices which will make it possible to use other carries. 

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This Carrier software based unlock has been in existance clocking back from 2007 with each unlock software appling specifically to a particular iPhone model and baseband versions.

( It can work on multiple models and Versions ).

This devices are iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G..........  models.

Example of the meaning of Unlocking an iPhone devices through Jail breaking software is using Redsnow.

The Redsnow  software allows it iPhone users  the abilties to creat custom IPSW which aid the unlocking of the device,

During the unlocking process the user has the option of installing Cydia  and Ipad basebands  in the device.

Types of Jail breaking:

Untethered Jail breaking:  This software when installed in an iPhone device and the device is switched Off and On the device on which is installed will start up automatically and the Kernel of the device will be pateched ( Jail broken  ) without the aid of a Computer ( Untethere Jail breaking don't require a Computer before Jail breaking a device  ).

This allows the IPhone users the possibilities to boot the iPhone without the aid of a Computer but this untetherd method of Jailbreaking is very hard and requires alot of basic experience before carring it out.

Tethered Jailbreaking: This the type of Jailbreaking software that requires a Computer to enable the device to reboot when using Tethered software to Jailbreak an iPhone device.

If the iPhone user allows the device to reboot on it's own without the aid of a Computer the iPhone device will no longer have patched kernel and it may result to the device getting stucked on it's rebooting state.

So this type of Jailbreaking requires Computer using the boot tethered feature of a Jailbreaking tool each time it is turned on.

Semi Tethered:  When you Jailbreak an iPhone device using Semi Tethered method the device boot it will not patched kernel (Jailbreak) which will make it unable to modify the iPhone code but the device will still be useful like in making phone calls, texting......  but for an iPhone device to become patched kernel ( ie Jail broken ) one has to reboot it with a Jailbreaking tool.

Untethered Jailbreak: This type of Jailbreaking has some similarity with Semi Tethered Jail breaking which means when the iPhone device boots it does not have a patched kernel (Jailbroken) .

In this type if Jailbreaking a Computer is not required to Jailbreak the iPhone device instead one has to install app that will aid the process of Jailbreaking the iPhone device after rebooting.

Comparing Jailbreaking and Andriod Rooting:

Just like what l wrote on How to Root Your Andriod Smartphone, l tactically compared Andriod Smartphone rooting and iPhone Jailbreaking dur both terms (Rooting and Jailbreaking)  involves gaining privileged access or Rooting access into the device Andriod IOS and Apple iPhone IOS operating system they both have different scope method of functionalilty.

In Andriod phone it allows it users to modify or replace it's operating system after rooting and  unblocking. Andriod phone device allows it's users to install third party apps (ie downloading of app outside Google Play Store)  and this makes it unneccessary for normal Sideloading  of the Andriod phone. 

In Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is a more complicated and not an easy process to apppy on iPhones because of it's high IOS engineering security mode measures which involves "Locked bootloader".

Which prevent users from modifing and editing the operating system and to prevent any app from gaining root privileges or root access on the iPhone devices.

For one to Jailbreak an iPhone security aparatus he will  face some technical challenges and he requires some technical acquired knowlegde on how to go about it (Jailbreak the device).

Jailbreaking of iPhone devices brigdes the Apple end user License agreement on IOS which means Jailbreaking iPhone device is prohabited until 2015 Sideloading app where very difficult for some Individuals and requires that one purchases developer membership before Jailbreaking your device but recently Jailbreaking was allowed but do to the complicity if it one has to have basic knowlegde of Xcode and compiling IOS apps.... 

(This all for now on Jailbreaking) 

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