How To Root Your Andriod Smartphone Using ( KingRoot App )

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How To Root Your Andriod Smartphone Using ( KingRoot App )

Whats Phone Rooting? This a question most Andriod Smartphone users who knows much about how this Smartphones operates has asked before or still asking, l too has asked this same question before now, 
because l was told of the so many benefits l can get with a Rooted Andriod Phone, like tweaking of Phone IMEI  to another Phone model, setting or configuring my Andriod phone for free/cheap data plans or installation of many amazing appilications.

Which without Rooting of the Phone l wont be able to do.

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Without Rooting your Phone you will only have the limited and little privilege of using and enjoying the Smartphone as allowed by the Phone Hardware and Carrier Manufacturers.

Having said all this then what's Phone Rooting? 

Rooting is a process of allowing Smartphone, Tablets, and other similar devices users running the Andriod Mobile Operating System to gain privileged control which in Andriod Phone System is known as ( Root Access) over various Andriod subsystems.

( This in simple terms means Rooting is the ability of allowing you as a Smartphone user the access to gain privilege or ability to do thing ( which on it's own is not allowed by the Hardware Manufacturers) like -

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Modifing of the Phone setting, removing or uninstalling system applications, becoming the Phone developer from where you can set or reset the operation of the Phone entirely.......  ( you can do alot of things with a Rooted Smartphone ).

Rooting is usually performed on a Phone with the aim of breaking or bypassing the limitations set by the Phone carriers Manufacturers.

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Rooting of Andriod Smartphone is similar with ( Jailbreaking ) devices running Apple IOS operating System like Iphone, Ipad....... And other IOS operating System.

But Root access is abit different from Jailbreaking because Jailbreaking requires the bypassing of several types of Apple prohibitions for the end user,

Which include the modification or editing of the IOS operating System which is usually done by force using " Lock Bootloader " and installation of non asigned / unapproved application through " Sideloading ".

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I will write an article on Jailbreaking and how to go about it leta on, but today ( an writing on how to Root your Andriod Smartphone using King Root App ).

Advantages of Rooting your Andriod Phone. 

I know that what ever has advantage also has disadvantage but when you checkmate between the two and the prons are greater why not then give it a try.

Rooting of your Andriod Phone has numerous advantages which l will mention but a few of it's many prons.

Rooting of your Andriod Phone helps you to unlock Andriod hidden features and to install apps that are uncompatible without root access.

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1. When you root your Phone you will be able to do alot of things which is usually blocked by the Phone Carriers and Hardware Manufacturers.

You can explore places in your phone that your don't realy know they exist and can install appilications which are uncompatible without root access.

2. When you Root your Phone you can then set automated operation of so many aspect of your Phone like toggling 3G, GPS, changing CPU speed, turning the screen on.......... and other things that requires root access.   

3. When you root your Phone it boosts your phone speed and prolong the life span of your phone battery, 

this can be done by installing some apps like Set CPU which overclock your phone for better performance, 

or underclock it for better battery life or you can use apps like Greenify to automatically hibernate apps you are not using and all this can be done only with rooted Andriod Phone.

4. Rooting your Andriod Phone gives you the ability if blocking ADs on appilications runinng on your Phone. 

It is nice to see ADs appear on apps but when it becomes too much then it turns to something else.

With rooted phone you can block this ADs using apps like AdBlocker Plus, Ad Away ...........

5. Rooting your phone can help you do phone backup with ease and seamlessly. 

Time to time certain issues occurs like buying a new phone and you need to move your datas,

Apps ........  from the your old phone to the new one without rooting you phone you can really backup some datas but not all like System Apps and system datas. 

6. With rooted phone you can remove pre-installed Crapware that are of no use to you and are draining your battery, 

with rooted phone you can freeze and uninstall them which can't be achieved with unrooted Andriod Phone.

7. Rooting your phone can help you tweak many corners of your phone. Sometimes we need to do some things on our Andriod Phone like IMEI tweaking, 

customization of the entire layout of our phone keyboard using apps like Keyboard Manager or give your self faster scrolling, improved multitasking and changing of themes from an outside source.

8. The main purpose of Rooting your Andriod Phone is to gain full access and to truely become the owner of the phone without restrictions and limitations from it's manufacturers.  

9. You will have access to edith and modify any system files, use themes, change boot images, delete unwanted crapware apps, such as Sprint's NFL Mobile live and Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile, and other various nagetive applications that are unimportant to you................

Disadvantages of Rooting Andriod Phones. 

How To Root Your Andriod Smartphone Using ( KingRoot App )

1. Getting Your Phone Bricked During the Process :- During or after the process of rooting you might get your phone bricked. A phone is set to be bricked if it cannot be switched off/on at any time  after rooting of the phone.  

2. Voiding Your License :- After Rooting your android phone you have voided the license and warranty given to you by the phone manufacturer that is why you must have in mind that,

 rooting your phone will take away every link between you  and the phone manufacturer and in some cases the manufacturer might include a one year or two year warranty ie the period the phone will have to stay before it spoils or develops fault. 

If the phone was unable to reach the agreed period of time you will be refunded your money or given another device depending on the agreement policy,

but after rooting the phone you have voided and broken the agreement of the phone manufacturer.

How to Root Your Andriod Phone with King Root via PC. 

✅Step 1. Launch the program - KingRoot after installing it.

✅Step 2. Connect your Android smartphone to PC via USB cable. When it asks you to set up debugging mode, please follow the guide. Otherwise, the connecting would fail.

Connect your Android  to PC

✅Step 3. As it is successful to get connected, the program will detect your phone to check whether it is supported.

✅Step 4. If your phone/tablet has not been rooted yet, just click “Start to Root” and the process will get started.

Start to Root

✅Step 5. In this process, your mobile will restart itself, which is normal.  

As there is a signal called “Successfully Gained Root” on the screen, your device is rooted.

Root is Done

How to Root Android Device with King Root App

How To Root Your Andriod Smartphone Using ( KingRoot App )

Note: You are not allowed to root your Android phone with Mac Computer. But you can root your Andriod Phone directly from it see the step below.

✅Step 1. Run KingRoot on Android 

Install KingRoot on your Android phone. Tap the icon of KingRoot. This will start the app.

If your phone is unrooted, you can see the prompt saying that "Root access is unavailable". Then click the button 


✅Start Rooting with KingRoot

✅Step 2. Root Android with KingRoot 

When rooting, you can view the progress. When it is done, you will see the big green tick icon. After that, you can remove apps, purify system, etc. with this app.

Root Successfully

Following this process and your phone will be rooted and safely KingRoot app root all most all the Andriod Smartphone Operating System. I hope the process work lets see your view on it. 


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