How To Reset Your Facebook Password or Recover Your Facebook Account.

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So many atimes we are met with such situations of either opening a new Facebook account or recovering our Facebook password expicially in Social Media websites.
Facebook which is one of the or the most popular Social Media platform we have.

Quite often we are faced with the option of either you find a way to recover your Facebook password or you have to open a new Facebook account. 

In this kind of situation l have seen many people opt to do the second option ( which is to open a new Facebook account ).

I too have been in this kind of situation before and l chosed the second option too, so am saying this out of experience, 

In 2010 l forst opened my first Facebook account but do to iinconsistency in operating or running the account for a long time l forgot the password. 

Fast tracked to 2013 l had to either open a new Facebook account or to recover the password but l bet then, the most smpliest thing to do was to open a new account so l opened it .

Making me to have two Facebook accounts, l quest this irrelevant cause you are the same individual running the same accounts in the same platform on the same Social Media site.

But ( the main koko is that l leta recovered my first Facebook password  ).

So l know many people has faced this same scenario and many will still face it and will opt to do the one they think is the easiest which is to open a new Facebook account.

But let me ask you what of after reading this article and you become able and capable to do this password recovery yourself without opening a new one or going to somebody to do it for you, 

And in most cases you spend money doing it, never mind today l want to offer you this ability to recover your password freely cause they say knowledge is power( so l need you to have that power ) to recover your Facebook password. 

What can make one want to reset or change or recover his or her Facebook account:

  • Forgotten password:  This one of the most reasons people decide to change there Facebook password just like l mentioned in the scenario that happened to me before, 

Which is caused by inconsistency in operation of your Facebook account that may lead to you forgetting your password.

  • Change of Phone:  It often occurs, you bought a brand new phone and you want to move your Facebook account to the new phone but you don't remember the password,

Which means is either you chose to be operating the Facebook account on the old phone or you open a new Facebook account on the new one gouch or your reset the password.

  • When your Facebook account is hacked:  

Yes l have seen or withnessed this bad omen too, 

Your Facebook account has been Hacked by unknown persons and in some cases they upload pictures,  vidoes, posts or even chat your friends in disquise with the purpose best known to them and all this dent your image. 

Will you leave your account entirely to this fraudsters to kill your reputation or would you change or reset your password to recover your Facebook account from them? 

I think recovering and changing the password is the best option. 

 So having said this lets move to the main even which is the procedures for recovering and changing your password. 

  • Go to the Facebook Login Page

Login to Facebook: 

A pop-up window will appear Click on the “Forgot Your Password” at the bottom: "Image below". 

How To Reset Your Facebook Password or Recover Your Facebook Account.

  • Choose Your Retrieval Option on the next page the picture below will pop-up saying ( please enter your gmail or phone number to search for your account  ) then enter any of them or if you remember your Facebook username you can enter it too.  You can do it direct from here by following this links:
Enter your email, phone number or user name,  be sure is the correct email or username for your Facebook. Like on the picture above. 

After entering any of those required option then click search giving Facebook the order to search and retrieve your Facebook  account datas from online.


Thats if you chosed the option of using Gmail or Yahoo Mail for the recovery then you must be loggin, or if your chosed to reset it with your phone number either of them Facebook will send you a password recovering code

How To Reset Your Facebook Password or Recover Your Facebook Account.

In the picture above as you can see l chosed to recover it with my phone number which means the password recovery code will be sent to my phone directly

Then on the next page you will have to put in the sent code like in the picture below ( usually six digit numbers ). Go to your phone message box and retrive the code then put it on the space and click continue. 

How To Reset Your Facebook Password or Recover Your Facebook Account.

After putting in the code a new page will pop-up directing you to put in your new password.

( Creating a new password make sure it's the one you can remember easily and which will not be easy for hackers to guest too )

You can combine your birthday with any name you like thats one of the best option. 

On the next pop-up page put in your new password and click continue. 

How To Reset Your Facebook Password or Recover Your Facebook Account.

After typing in your new password and you are done. 

Recovering your hacked Facebook account:

Getting your Facebook account back in your control is actually an easy and simple straight forward process. First, you need to report that your account was hacked by going to

From here, Facebook will help guide you in the process of recovering your account; just click the ( 'My account is compromised' )  button at the bottom.

You’ll then be asked to type in either your email address, phone number, username or full name associated with your Facebook profile. Facebook will now search for any relevant users,

if you can’t see your name on the list, try putting something else in the search bar, such as your name or phone number.

Click through to your profile and type in the last password you remember associated with your account.

Obviously, if your current password works and hasn’t been changed, log into Facebook through  and change your password ( follow the process l gave above ) as soon as possible if you see something suspicious.

If your password has been changed, Facebook will let you use the old password to help you get access again.

You’ll then get a message pop-up saying you entered an old password and you can now click 'Reset my Password'.

Now, you’ll be asked to be sent an email by Facebook with a link to reset your password. Obviously,

if your email associated with your account has been changed, you don’t want to send the email to the hackers' address, so click 'No longer have access to these?'.

Then you can chose to reset it with you phone number or

Write down the new email address you want the link to be sent to, which will also make that email address your primary email to log into your account.

Click 'Continue' and wait for your email and, if you can’t see it, check your spam folder of your email or send it to another email address.

Follow the details in your email to reset your password and you should now finally have control of your Facebook account.

 If you find any difficulty in doing it you can contact me through the comment box below and l will be much eager to put you through. Feel free to express your view through the comment box 👍



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