How To Easily Reset and Recover Forgotten Gmail Password

Today I will be writing an article about another important Social website and how to reset or recover its password and account. 

The Social website am writing about is the Google Gmail Account and how to recover it's password if it's forgotten or hacked by a cracker. 

Due to the enormous websites, we use these days and the many numbers of passwords we have to remember and keep a record of.

Sometimes these important secret codes passwords skip our memory and the only option we have is to either reset its password or open a new account.

But am not a fan of one opening a new account because he or she forgot the password unless you have any other purpose of you opening it.

So today in this article am going to show you how you can easily and speedily reset your Gmail password without stress or waiting for somebody to do it for you. 

Reasons for resetting Gmail Password:

When you forget your password: Just like l said earlier nowadays many are the secret codes that we have to remember from time to time, but times we tend to forget this secret codes so this will bring up the option of changing the Gmail account or resetting the password. 

Bought a new Phone: When you buy a new phone and wants to move your Gmail account to that new phone you bought.

You're requested to sign in even if you are already signed in on your formal phone, why because the new device comes with different features, IP address, ID........ 

So when this occurs and you are unable to remember your password that means you have to reset or change the password or open a new Gmail account.

 Hacked Gmail account: When your Gmail account is hacked it is necessary that you move quickly to change the password.

It's not advisable for one to open a new Gmail account while the former is at the hackers mercy. 

How To Reset Your Gmail Password:

  • Login into your Google account page i.e Gmail through this site or alternatively you can go straight to the account recovery page from here: Google accounts recovery.

If you went through at the pop-up page on the right-hand top corner click sign in. To continue with Gmail. 

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

On this page is where you will tell Google that you have forgotten your password so that they will take you to next page which you will click on

Having trouble signing in?

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

Step 1: Using Email for the Account recovery:

They will prompt you to enter any recovery Email associated with your Gmail account. 

See How To Set Up Gmail Recovery Email Address or Phone Number

Then enter the Email you include in your account when you first opened it i.e your Gmail recovery password account.

They will use the Gmail account to search and locate your account that you want to reset its password. 

On the next page:

 Enter the name on your Google account:

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

Here you should enter the name in full that you used to open the Gmail account for verification and authentication of the account.

Then click next:

On the next page:

Google will send an Email containing a one-time verification code to your email

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

Remember the use of Email is when you still have access to the Gmail but don't remember the password ( maybe you are logged in the account with another device but wants to change to another device ).

Then enter the six-digit code that has been sent to your Gmail account and click the next button.

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

You are done with using Email to reset your account. 

Step 2: Using Phone number to reset your Gmail password:

Using this option, means you don't have access into your email account anymore.

You have to use your Phone number to do the Gmail account reset instead so that Gmail admins will send the reset password code directly into your phone number.

When you login into Gmail web site then click on 

Forgot email? 

On the next page where you previously Input your email, write your phone number instead i.e ( Phone Number associated with your Gmail account ).

( Remember to put in your Country Telephone code number first before putting your number like Nigeria is +234 the code number then complete it with your number excluding the first zero ).

Then click next: on this page, you will be requested to enter the name on your Gmail account then rewrite the name in full and click next.

On the next page, you will see

Get a verification  code by text message at your number then 

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

Click send a text message. 

When you receive this code just in few seconds input it into the next page it's a six-digit number

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

and click next then you will be asked to select your account and retype your new password and you are through.

If this first two steps did not work don't worry l will take you through other steps.

Step 3:

Login into your Gmail account click on forgot email?

Then on the down bottom side click on 

Request Google's help? 

How To Easily  Recover And Reset Gmail Password

On the next page, you will see 

Can't sign into your Google account? 

Here if you were unable to follow the first process to sign in into your Gmail account or Google drive.

From the lists below, you have to select the option most likely to help you reset your password.

Select the Issue. 

In each of this options on the next page follow the prompt procedures given my Google team and your issues will be solved. 

1:  You forgot your password?

This option is if you have forgotten your password then you have to thick the box and it will take you to another page. Where you will be told what to do. 

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2:  You forgot your Username or the email address you use to sign in: 

Yes, it's possible for one to forget his or her Gmail username especially when the account has been dormant for a very prescribe long time. 

3:  You know your Username and password but you can't sign in: 

This option is probably if the Google team detected that your Gmail account is under tret then they can temporarily block the account to prevent you from been hacked or any other related issues can cause it. 

4:  You think someone else is using your account: 

This time around is not only Google team that has detected the tret even you the owner has noticed it too then select this option. 

5:  You're having trouble with 2-step verification:

In case you enabled the 2-step verification in your account and you can't sign in through it then select this option.

6:  You can't reset your password with a code by text: 

In this option, Google has sent you a text code but you can't reset the account password with this texted code then select this. 

7:  You use a Google account through your work, school, or other groups:

With the information given here, it will be made easy for you to reset the password.

8:  You can't sign in to a Google account for a kid under 13:

If you are below the stipulated age bracket approved by Google then you have to select this option i.e below 13 years. 

The next method is:

Filling Out the Gmail Password restoration form:

9:  Start the password recovery questionnaire: This could start mechanically if you haven't any restoration statistics associated with your account (secondary electronic mail or phone quantity) when you try to reset your password using the above method restoration shape is not instant, because it needs to be reviewed via a Google employee. you can attempt more than one instances in case you don't get everything right the first time.

10:  Enter in an operating e-mail address you have entry to This is where the reaction in your result form would be sent, so make certain it's a functioning mail that you could get entry to.

11:  Pick the remaining time you accessed the Google account you are attempting to get better: You don't need to be precise, however guessing close will growth the probabilities which you are able to get better your account.

12:  Pick the date you created your account: Once more, this doesn't ought to be actual.

13:  Answer the security question: When you have a safety query related to your account, you may be requested to answer it.

14:  Enter addresses that you often contacted: You may enter as much as 5 addresses. you may also call any labels you may have created in Gmail, and an antique restoration electronic mail you would possibly take into account.

15:  Pick the other Google products that the account used: These may want to include Android, Calendar, Gmail, and Hangouts. you'll additionally want to go into the approximate dates which you started out the usage of those products.

16:  Publish the form: When you click the "publish" button, your questionnaire will be dispatched to Google for review. you will be contacted approximately the results of the review at the email. 

These are the methods that are very much sure to work out,  but if you find any difficulty don't endeavor to contact me through the comment box in this page and l will put you through. 

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