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How to get Glo bumber bonus recharge N100 to get N6000

How to get Glo bumber bonus recharge N100 to get N6000
Glo recharge bonus of N100 to get N6000 

Globa Com Network has decided to follow the trend of other network providers in their come back strategies of offering free data or air time to thier customers who have abondoned thier sim cards just like in recent weeks Etisalat offered N200 recharge for N4000 bonus and Airtel followed suit.

This becomes paramount and a wise move by Glo network in other to keep thier existing customers from migrate to other of this networks because of this offers. Check out this Glo 0.00k free browsing cheat using UC Mini Handler 

This time Glo is offering a bumper N600 Naira bonus when you recharge your line with only N100 Naira. But this N6000 offer is been misinterpreted by some persons saying when you load N100 airtime you will get the N6000 instantly.
The fact is that N100 is for N600 bonus (i.e N400 for call and N200 for browsing which is the 50mb), While N1000 unlock all the bonus which is the 6k. Thats how it works. 

Just like other networks that has ambacked on this offer the purpose is to welcome back thier Glo users who has abandoned thier Glo Sim cards and also a business strategy to gain and creat more awareness. 


It works prettily well just like other networks format look for your abondoned Glo sim card (Glo sim that has stayed up to a month you used it) weather to make calls,send SMS or surf the internet then recharge the card and wait for confirmation of your eligibility. 


When you insert your Glo Sim card make sure you recieves an SMS like this one below it shows your eligibility to the Glo bonus. 

    Dear customer, we value ur friendship and have credited your account with N6000. Recharge ur Glo line to unlock ur FREE credit. Dial #122*34# to check balance.

How to Contact MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo Care Center easily.

Then, load N100 recharge card and dial #122*34# to check your data balance.

    Bonus Credit Balance: N6000. RECHARGE with N100 or more to unlock ur bonus credit. 
Check the offer and see how it works. 

Note: this Glo bonus cannot be used to buy data plans from the Glo Network but you can use it to browse and make calls.
To get more bonuses, you need to recharge with more money. For instance,

the 1000 Naira recharge gives you the maximum bonus of 6000 Naira (N4000 for calling while N2000 for data)



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