Thursday, June 22

Five Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Will Always be Low

Five Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Will Always be Low

Andriod Smartphone companies has always deviced a way of making Phone battery last longer before it drains,

there batteries have been reinforced over the years to last longer with lithium batteries.

But not withstanding even on this reinforcement and rebuilding some Andriod Smartphones battery types still finds it difficult to last long.
Most of the times simple solvable problems like this can be solved with just a little formular that EmpireTechx is going to recommend down here. 

  • The screen is too bright

Some people can't operate there phones without turning up the phone brightness to it's maximum. 

This not only causes your phone battery to run down easily but will also affect your eye,
it's advicable for one to turn down the phone brightness to minimuim or in some instances turn it down completely espicailly at night for the longivity of the phone battery and healthness of your eye. 

  • You forget to switch off your WiFi

Some times after operating our phones in a Wifi enabled environment,

when leaving we forgets to turn this Wifi OFF, this will use up the phone battery since it will be searching for any availlable Wifi network around without your notice and thereby draining you battery quickly. 

  • You receive notifications every second

When you always recieve notifications from all angles and corners,  (Facebook, Linkedine, Twitter, Google Mail, Phone SMS, Yahoo Mail......

this will not do you any good cause it's resultant effect is been suffered by your phone battery so l would advice you turn OFF those notifications and only see them when you login into the sites or turn ON your phone your can use Opera Max to achieve this fate. 

  • Background apps are running

Background apps running on your phone is a sure way of your battery getting drained fast and furiously this background apps do alot of unwanted functions on the phone from searching networks, synchronization of every nock and crony of your phone......... and alot more. 

  • Your battery is bad or damaged

After appling this simple formulars and your Andriod Smartphones battery still runs down quickly.
It may mean that the battery it self is weak or damage.

The only option here is to replace the battery and begin to enjoy your phone afresh. 



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