Friday, June 16

Download MyEtisalat Mobile App and Get Free 200MB Data

 Download MyEtisalat Mobile App and Get Free 200MB Data

There has been an ongoing Etisalat offer of free 200MB to any Etisalat customer who downloads the Etisalat application called MyEtisalat Mobile App installs and registers it on your phone from there official website or from Google Play Store. 

Due many dn't know about this offer but it has been trending of recent and if you are an Etisalat subscriber this the best time to utilize the offer just my downloading the app, install and register it. 

On this Etisalat free 200MB offer you dn't need to be told to tweak left or tweak right cause it's a free gift offer from Etisalat to it's subscribers


  Download MyEtisalat Mobile App for Android devices or download it from iTunes for iOS devices
  After that, install the app
  Register/sign-up to the app using your etisalat line, then you would receive your reward data.

The 200MB reward is applied after 24 hours upon successful registration.
You don't have to worry about eligibility because the offer is available to all Etisalat customers.

What of if l dn't recieve the offer?

There are certain conditions which can make one not to recieve this offer after downloading, installing and registering the MyEtisalat Mobile App.

Which is simply when you download and register the app on a weekend.

This means that you have to wait till the working days comes around Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. 

This MyEtisalat Mobile App  is eligible to all Etisalat subscribers as long as you download, install and registers the Mobile application your 200MB will be delivered to you at exact time as anounced by Etisalat Company on there Facebook and Twitter page. 

So do the needful and enjoy you free data. 



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