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Check out this Etisalat New Smart Offer

Check out this Etisalat New Smart Offer

What is the offer?

Etisalat is giving out smart offer to it's subscribers when you buy a new Smartphone from Etisalat Experience Centres or any authorized phone retailer and activate the new Smartphone on the Etisalat network you will be rewarded with 1.5GB of data free instanter which will be valid for 30 days.

In addition to this 1.5GB of free data you will be getting 100% data bonus on all the monthly data plans you purchase in the next 6 months from the date of activation of your Smartphone and 50% data bonus on all monthly data plans purchase in the second 6 months.

(Which means when you activate your new Smartphone to Etisalat network and you get this 1.5GB, in complete 1 year in addition you are still jolificating in your data bonus of 100% for the first 6 months of activation and 50% in the second 6 months). 

Who is eligible for this Etisalat Smart offer?

The Smart Etisalat offer is open  to all it's Etisalat Subscribers which goes to say that both the new and the old customers are all in to enjoy it all you have to do is to activate your Smartphone on Etisalat network and you will be rewarded instantly. 

What is the validity of the free 1.5GB offer?

The Etisalat Smart offer is valid for 30 days from the day of the activation of your new Smartphone so no need to panic or be in a hurry as you have long period of time for you to enjoy the free data subscription. 

How do I activate the offer?

To activate the Etisalat Smart offer all you need do after buying the new Samrtphone, activate your new phone in Etisalat network and SMS the PIN found in scratch box or SMS the PIN given to you by the authorized phone retailer to 8186 or dail  *8186*PIN# and instantly you will get the reward. 

Where can I purchase a smartphone that is eligible for this offer?

You can purchase smartphones that are eligible for this offer either from etisalat experience centers or authorized phone retailers in the open market nationwide.

What do I need to do to enjoy the socialMe pak?

To enjoy this Etisalat Smart offer for new Smartphone bought from any Etisalat Experience Centres or authorized phone retailer simply after purchasing and activating the new Smartphone buy up to N1000 worth of data in the previous month to enjoy the free SocialMe Pak data bonus.