Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

Twitter as we all know is a Social Media platform just like Facebook, Linkedine,...... 

 and is a very popular one for that matter and for one to loss such an account because of forgotten password or any other related issues is a  bad omen so today we are going to deal on the matter of how to reset, change and recover your Twitter account and reset it's password.

Sometimes one dn't have to basically forget his or her password before he or she decides to change the password infact anytime one detects any fishy fishy movement on his or her Twitter Account it's advisable that you move as fast as possible to change the password without hesitation,

but sometimes even after detecting such funny and unwarranted movement it becomes apperent and obvious you will change the password but the main issue you face is how to go about ❓

So that's what am going to show you here and now in the best simple way l can. 

What could make one want to reset, change and recover his or her Twitter account:

Forgotten password:  This one of the most motives one decide to change his or her Twitter password.

That's as a result of inconsistency in operation of your Twitter account could cause you forgetting your password.

Change of phone:  It frequently takes place, you purchased a new phone and also you need to login into your Twitter account with the new phone however you can't recall  the password,

this means that is either you select to be operating the Twitter account at the antique smartphone or you open a brand new Twitter account on the new one phone or you reset the password.

When  your Twitter account is hacked

This often occurs it's what l discribed with the word fishy fishy sometimes it happens that your account is under threat and, 

Your Twitter  account has been Hacked or about to be hacked by way of persons and in a few cases they add images,  vidoes, 

posts or maybe chat your pals in disquise with the reason best recognized to them and all this dent your image.

Will you depart your account totally to this fraudsters to kill your recognition or would you  change  your password to recover your Twitter account from them?

I think improving and converting the password is the fine alternative.

      • First Method 

When you have forgotten the Password:

This first method we are going to follow is for when you have forgotten your Twitter password entirely and wants to recover the Twitter Account then you procced with this method now. 

Login to Twitter website at,

on the Pop-up window you will see 

Login to Twitter

Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

Then go down to Forgot Password? and click on it. 

On the next pop-up window you will see

Find your Twitter Account 

Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

Enter your email, phone number, or username

Here you have to provide Twitter with one of the above mentioned i.e your (email, phone number, or username).

I know you have 99% ability to remember these once. 

So Input any of the required request that you know and click on


This will then enable Twitter website to search and locate your Twitter Account with the Information you provided them with. 

On the next pop-up window

As you can see on this picture am using my own Twitter Account to do the Toturial even dur l have not forgotten mine Twitter password but to make sure anybody who those forget his or her own will still be able to use the Twitter Account by resetting and changing the password. 

On this pop-up window you will see

How do you want to reset your password 
Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

Here we have two methods or options to follow

  • Text a Code to my Phone Number:

Note: " If you select this option which can be possible only and when you included your Phone number in your Twitter Account before the time of you wanting to reset the password"

So when you select text to your phone Twitter team will send you the password reset code to you phone, but if you chose the second option. 

  • Email a link to the Email associated with my Twitter Account 

Then they will send the password reset Code number to the Email. 

But lets go by the Phone Number since the two is of the same process. The only difference is where the password reset code will be sent to. 


Then thick on 

Text code to my Phone Number and click Continue. 

On the next pop-up window you will see 

Check you Phone

Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

"We'ev texted a code to the Phone Number ending in your last two digits number, once you recieve the Code, enter it below to reset your password". 

Then enter the code and click Summit 

On the next pop-up window

Here you have finally landed to the point where you will reset your password. 

So chose a unique password that you know that's hard for every other person to guess but easy for you to remember. 
Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

I would suggest you combine certain names and numbers or follow this link to learn more about unique password Twitter support.

So type your New Password and retype it again and click Summit and  jagabam  you have successfully resetted and changed your password Congrates

      • Second Method 

On this method  you still remembers your password and can still login into your Twitter Account feuntly  but thier is a need for you to change the password maybe those fishy fishy movement usually done by those hackers has be detected then you have to procced with this method. 

Login to your Twitter Account then click on your Profile Picture beside the Home menu.

On the next pop-up window

Go down to
Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

Settings and Privacy  and click on it. 

From this point here, is where all about your Twitter Account is documented your 

  • Privacy and Safty
  • Password 
  • Username
  • Profile
  • Email......... 

Then click on Password 

On the next pop-up window

You will see Change Password 

Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

Current Password:  This the password that you have been using to login, Input it on the space there. 

Then type your new password and verify it by retyping it again then click

Best way to Reset, Change and Recover Your Twitter Password and Account

And you are done (thanks) try it and let us know how  hard or easy the process is and if you encounter any difficulty do let us know through the comment box below and we will be glad to put you through. Thanks
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