How to use Opera Max To Secure Your Smartphone Phone Data.


This a very good app which is necessary for every Smartphone User to have,

am writing particularly on Smartphone because is the device l know much about unless in leta post l will make research and update on other Phone models,

but l believe this other phones models will be compatible with it,

haven't said all this the name of the app is Opera Max before going into the main coco let's look at what Opera Max is. Click here: To read more about Maintenance

Whats Opera Max App:

is a smart data management app from Opera that allows you to save the amount of data comsumed on your Smartphone be it over Wifi or Celluellar Connections.

It saves your data on mobile Wifi Network, the content is compressed before it reaches your phone.

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From the definition it allows you to save data on your Smartphone don't worry the savings are done automatically all you need do is to download this app and see the magic your self.
Using Opera Max To Secure Your Smartphone Phone Data.

Smartphone is build in such a way that it uses data to perform some of it's functions and also do automatic updates even when you permit it or not,

most times some people don't know that there data are been consumed by some apps.

We all know the amount we spend on data and in few weeks or days it's exusted,

Smartphones apps uses data automatically by defualt,

thereby consuming alot of this data because of the many apps associated with it. So to Save this datas that are wasted one have to look for a way to reduce or limit the data usage, they say necessity is the mother of invention, this where Opera Max comes into play to help save this datas be it Wifi or Celluellar data. Click here: To know best ways of taking good care of your Phone

It Saves Data: 

Opera Max helps you to save data, by limiting or reducing to the minimal the amount of data your Smartphone consumes,

In Opera Max you can chose the app you want to run in background or not or you can remove all the apps from running in background,

because this one of the ways through which datas are consumed easily,

Opera Max app does this by reducing the quality of image, video you view.....

but you can still select manaully the quality you like, Low, Medium, or High depending on your view chioce.

It Protects Your Privacy:

We all know the importance of privacy in this age we are now,

so many people out there trying to hack into your profile, data etc online or offline,

so many apps trying to gain access into your Smartphone, Airport Authorities, Hotels, Shops.....

all tries to trace and track all your move through your phone without you even knowing it,

your phone is your privacy it's yours and the data in it suppose to be protected and kept private.

The Opera Max helps to encrypt and protect your phone imformations and data and also blocks apps froms accessing or tracking your device,

but can Opera team see this private datas them selfs?

the answer is NO because they don't have access too to this imformations and data,

the imformations are moved to the cloud immediately it's added.

It Speeds up the Phone:

Using Opera Max helps to optimize and compress the size of app,

and manage the way this apps run on your phone background which usually slows down the speed of your phone.

It Gives You Better Viewing Experience when watching videos through YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and also reduces buffering:

buffering slows down the time  which videos load, we all like to watch online videos,

but we have a problem especially in Countries which have limited data bandwidth for Celluellar and Home Internet.

With Opera Max you can watch and stream videos online without your phone consuming alot of data, becuase the Opera Max app will help to reduce the amount of data you spend watching online and also reduce the buffering,

the modification done on the video quality is not noticeable and your phone data is conserved.

Download the app click here: To Download Opera Max 

Opera Max Prolongs Phone Battery Life:

This one of the most important work that Opera Max does,

when apps are running in background of your phone continuously even when the phone is on standby mode, it kills the battery quickly and will result to reductions of the battery power and the battery life span,

is good to have a nice Smartphone but when it's battery runs down quickly it becomes aboling to use but,

Opera Max will help stop all this issues and make your battery last long and save you battery making it possible for you to enjoy your phone to it's fullness.

✅Opera Max tracks your apps’ data usage and provides advice on how to best reduce wasted data – saving you money – and to protect your

✅Opera Max offers a tailored savings tool for Facebook, keeping you longer engaged with the world without wasting your data plan.

✅ Opera Max’s data compression tool extends your time on YouTube, Instagram, and more – perfect for travelling!

✅Have a data-hungry app? Manage apps by limiting or restricting their mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption to save money.

✅ Use Opera Max’s super-secure and encrypted connections when on public Wi-Fi to ensure your personal information is protected.

✅ Go incognito in all your apps to avoid targeted ads and data snoopers tracking you.

✅ In addition to stronger security, Opera Max boosts Wi-Fi connectivity for your apps when inweak signals or crowded Wi-Fi hotspots.

Data savings for Facebook:

You can get your friends’ updates, browse news and chat through instant messaging while saving up to 50% of your data plan. With just one tap, you can launch Opera Max’s Facebook web app and have the benefits of a VPN connection,

saving sessions and other settings all auto-configured to get you going and saving on Facebook data usage.

If you haven’t hear about Opera Max, it is your smart assistant for Android which personally advise the best way to save your data, shield your security, and manage your apps.

Your usage patterns prompt Opera Max to suggest the most efficient ways to stretch your data plan, saving you money.

Data Saving for Instagram:

Opera Max also offers your data saving for Instagram where you can also save up to 50% of your data that is usually wasted,

while you breeze majestically browsing and surfing the Instagram web page with
ease and confidently, knowning well enough that your data is been protect and save for you.

The VIP mode:

Opera Max is time limited unless you becomes a VIP in Opera Max, but the unlimited savings feature isn’t offered for free, but users don’t have to pay for it neither.

Users would have to view an ad in order to use unlimited savings and privacy features, considering that they are time limited.

The ad will be visible on the lock screen, but only when the phone is plugged in for charging, so it shouldn’t be that inconvenient for some users.

The ad appears on top of the standard lock screen and it contains information on the time, date and charge level.

To access the regular lock screen, you would have to swipe up.

And watch any ad that is shown to you to watch, after watching it you have qualified for the Opera VIP Mode and you stand to benefit more from the Opera Max Community.

That means you will have unlimited savings and unlimited privacy mode which makes you aligable to benefit from all the Opera Max.

So l suggest you watch thr ad so you too can become a VIP in Opera Max.

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