Updated: TrackR " Track your 🚗 Car and other important devices using TrackR.

                TrackR "  Track your 🚗 Car and other important devices using TrackR.
Tracking is a necessary and every day word used by almost everybody,  it is good to track our belongings,

like cars and other important devices.... which we use because that's an effective way by these belongings can be better protected.

A brand new tracking tiny devicehas been launched which helps you to track your cars or any other device..... using smart  phones this device is cheap and affordable.

This device was created by a California-based company.

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Whats the Name,

It's called TrackR. It is a state-of-the-art Tracking device the size of a quarter.

It changing the way we keep track of the important things in our lives.

How to Install it.

The functionality of this device is simple and easy to operate and use it will only take not up to 2 munites to set it up working and tracking all the trackables use install them on,

with this app there will be no need of antiques and excessive expenditure on the use of GPS system,  the TrackR device is compatible with your Andriod phone,

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all you need do is to place the TrackR device on your car any where that's hidden in your car's floor mat, in the trunk or in the glove compartment.....

Somewhere it won't be found if your car gets stolen.

If you forget where you parked your car, whip out your smartphone and open the TrackR app.

Tap on the "lost item" icon on the screen and the app will tell you the exact coordinates of the last known location of the TrackR.

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with it connected to your Andriod phone you can keep track of the car no matter where it's taken to.

This device is your VIP when you need to take care of more important things in life.

How Much is This Thing Going To Cost.

With the function it persons you will thing it's of a very high price but it's not in fact it's very much cheap and affordable just like a mentioned above, TrackR only costs $37 $29.

Where to buy it.

The TrackR device can be purchased directly from the Manufacturer of the device  just follow this link and other for your.

What Else Can I Do With TrackR?

This tiny but powerful device can do alot of things it is useful for tracking alot of things you can realy call it small but mighty, 

you can place it on your travelling bag,  you pet,  your bike or Motorcycle, Laptop etc as the list can go on and on.

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TrackR even comes with a double-sided adhesive so you can stick it to your laptop or under your bike seat.

Track down and punish the thieves who steal your expensive things!

Attach it To Everything That's Important To You...

Now that you've been informed about this brilliant invention,

let me show you how easy it is to track your valuable items. All you need is to follow these steps:

Step 1: 

You have to buy this amazing device

Step 2: 

When you receive it, open the package and place the thin battery inside the device.

Then download the free TrackR app on your smartphone and link up the unit with the app.

Finally, hide the unit in your car or attach it to the thing you wish to track.

Step 3: 

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Relax... Use the TrackR app to find your things. It's easy!

This device is cool and nice and there's no monthly chargers incured to it once you buy it, it's use till infinity.

To buy it  follow this link: RTracker Device

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