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New Feature is added to Google Search " Nearby Events"

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Nearby Events

The google team is realy making things better and easier for its users and the world at large,

they have come up with a new feature which is very much impressive and helpful, 

this new feature added to Google Search will help you to find events nearby to you even when you know little or nothing about the event,

the Google Search will elaborate the events for you.

This new feature is now currently working in US but will be rolled out to other Countries in few weeks,

it's compatible with Andriod and IOS,  as well as the Google Search  mobile website.


According to reports from gsmarena, you can search for things such as "jazz concerts", "art events", and you'll get a special list filled with at-a-glance details about the upcoming events.

You get additional options if you tap More events, and when you find something you like just tap on that and you'll be able to immediately buy tickets for it.

Which means you will no longer have to go to the event planners or to call somebody to get enquiries about any event you want to attend or you heard about, 

all you need do it to go to your Google Search website and lookup for the events and boom you are good to go, 

this new feature will save us alot of stress and make the search up in Google more useful to us.

It's also possible to look up things coming up on specific dates, using filters such as "today", "tomorrow", or "next week".

If you want to go the opposite route and have everything thrown at you,

just search for "events near me" and you'll be shown all the different options.

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