Importance of Maintenance on Technological Equipments

I will start by defining what maintenance really means so whats Maintenace.

Maintenance: is the process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of been preserved.

Activities required or undertaken to conserve as nearly and as long as possible the original condition of an asset or resources while compensating for normal wear and tear.
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In Engineering and Technology Terms

Importance of Maintenance on Technological Equipments

Maintenance: means action necessary for retaining or restoring a piece of equipment, machine or system to the specified operable condition to achieve it's maximum useful life,

it includes Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance.

Maintenance  is a word that every one should always apply in our life and into the use of our Systems,  Appliances, Gadgets etc like Phones , Laptop Computers, TVs, our Buildings, Cars.....

which we use,  Maintenance is useful in our everyday life because we have ought to maintain our self's too to be in good health,  body, and mind.

But am going to focus on Technological and Engineering aspects of Maintenance,  so it's good to apply all measures,  manuals,

procedures to make sure this equipments and devices are kept in good working conditions, maintaining of our equipment, machines, gadgets,

devices is a good form of applying Safety Precautions which is necessary in life,

also remember it's better to apply Safety because you may not live to tell the story after wards, 

this  one of the adages to remember in other to apply maintenance always. Click Here: To learn how to make your Phone Battery last longer

                Types of Maintenance:

We have Preventive and Corrective Maintenance just like l mentioned earlier.

So let's look into the meaning of this two forms of Maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance is the best form of maintenance to apply before the system, devices or equipment develops fault, 

it's necessarily important to have a scheduled routine maintenance carried out in our appliances, 

this prevents you from spending unnecessary amount of money in other to repair or correct the system and also protects you from sustaining injuries in some cases or the malfunction of the system.

One of the example of applying Preventive Maintenance is to install a good and quality working Anti Virus in your Laptop Computer  or  Phone this anti virus automatically scans your system for virus attacks and kills the virus if found before it causes any damage, 

applying this form of maintenance makes your system to last longer and to serve you better " an adage  says is better to maintain than to have"

which means if you have a device or system which you don't take good care of by maintaining it,  it will get spoiled or damaged and if so is as good as not having the device at all. Click here: To read how to secure your Phone using Opera Max

Corrective Maintenance: is a type of maintenance we carry out on a system when it has already developed fault just like the name implies Corrective

" to correct a system which is behaving or working out of it's original aim or invention,

for example in a Computer or Phone you can only apply this form of maintenance when the system is working abnormally like if your Computer has been attacked by a Virus,

Trojan or Malwal or other forms of virus we have because you fail to apply Preventive Maintenance by installing Anti Virus,

when this happens and you also fails to apply Corrective Maintenance urgently this may lead to your system crashing entirely or to malfunction,

another simple example is when your phones screen is abit broken by falling on the floor or been hit by heavy object without you applying Corrective Maintenance,

the damage may effect even the LCD which will cost you more money to repair and the phone may go blank entirely thier by making it's operation very aboling.

So with this few tips l have you can see that it's not wise to wait longer if any of your system develops fault before you repair it, 

because in some critical cases not applying this form of maintenance can lead to serious injuries or death like in Electrical equipment developing fault,

maybe by short circuiting of the cables or when a Transformer has fault if not urgently repaired can lead to serious situations.

Reasons for Maintenance

In our cars in other to keep it running and in good condition to serve you better and to last longer you have to always change the oil to maintain the engine and other operating system in it

It is necessary to maintain all of our operating mechinaries in other to keep them in good condition and for them to serve us better and prevent accident.

In building the only way to keep a building clean and good looking is to maintain it by applying maintenance processes on it and in some cases you can hire a Maintenance Officer.

In Computers and Phones is good to apply maintenance on them in other for them to last longer, 

serve you better and to have processing speed.

Typical Maintenance Engineering Responsibilities.

Assuring optimization of the Maintenance Organization structure.

The Engineer in an Organizations should carry out routine Maintenance schedules which will be carried out frequently in other to make sure that the systems,

and equipments used by this Organization are in good condition and working perfectly in so many cases specialists are employed to take good care of this equipments.

Analysis of repetitive equipment failures.

It's the work of the Engineer to always analyse the behavorior pattan of any equipment in other to check the frequency in which it develops fault and to consider if is to repair or to change it entirely.

Estimation of maintenance costs and evaluation of alternatives.

In some heavy equipments that cost alot of money to maintain or to buy new once when they develops fault,

is the work of the Engineer to checkmate if is less costly to repair or to replace it by buying new one.

Forecasting of spare parts.

Is good for the Engineer to have the basic knowledge of how much and where to get the parts of the system at hand so it will be easier to give account of it cost in the market when asked to.

Assessing the needs for equipment replacements and establish replacement programs when due.

Application of scheduling and project management principles to replacement programs.

Assessing required maintenance tools and skills required for efficient maintenance of equipment.

Assessing required skills required for maintenance personnel.

Reviewing personnel transfers to and from maintenance organizations.

Assessing and reporting safety hazards associated with maintenance of equipment.

You can see the benefits and the need for one to be able to always and always maintain his or her belongings, devices, system,  equipments.....

so if you have not been good at maitaining then this time you standup and take good care of them so they can serve you better and also guaranty you safety while using them.

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