Features and Advantages of using GB Whatsapp

Features and Advantages of using GB Whatsapp

Today on this earliest Morning am moved to put something  down about one of the of the best Social Media Network Whatsapp Version Called GB WHATSAPP.

As we all know Whatsapp has been in existence for quite some Years now but the popular Version we usually use is the Whatsapp Messenger which was launched in 2010 and it's the oldest,

you may ask since you know about Whatsapp why then should you be reading this write  up,

relax and read on because this particular version am writing about is more advanced and more enjoyable to use,

what realy prompted me to write about this particular Version of Whatsapp called 

GB WHATSAPP is about the added features to it like the Themes, designs ,

been able to see your online friends and so other amazing features you can fine on it when you download the app.

With this two versions of Whatsapp l mentioned above ,

it means one can be able to use two Whatsapp on the same Phone without any form of restrictions,  

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but on: How to use two Whatsapp on the same Phone l will write on it on leta post, so for now let's tighten our seat beat and read on.

In this Version of Whatsapp GB WHATSAPP  you can know and see which of your friends is online and you will even be notified automatically by the App,

and this one of the features that moved me on writing about this App and this very feature is not found on our usual Whatsapp Messenger Version of the Whatsapp App,

but l hope one of this days it will be updated to have the feature.

How To Download the App.

Follow this link to download :  GB Whatsapp  on the website page translate into you langauge and click on  Download and Install put in your Phone Number and boom just like film it's done.

Features of GB Whatsapp

Video and Camera  : You can upload pictures and videos from here for your Friends to see.

Chats: Here you will see the People and groups you are chatting with. You can also archive anyone, block and do some other stuffs.

Contact : This where all you Phone Contact Friends are kept, to chat with any of your friends click on the name and send message.

Calls : Here you see Friends that called you i.e missed Calls and from here you can make Calls too,  

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to make calls click on Calls on the upper Screen and Click on the Call Icon on the down  Screen and the Contact list of your friends will appear then click on  call Icon and make either Vidoe or Vioce call.

Search Button: From here you can easily find a friend by just typing the first initial name of the Person.

GB Settings: On Whatsapp Messenger version of Whatsapp this GB settings is not found thus you can't be able to modify somethings just like you will be able to do on GB Whatsapp, 

To go to GB Settings click on the three dotted line on the top   most part of the screen.

From there you can update your GB Whatsapp Version to a newer Version,

change the Themes on your background on main page and the screen, fonts size etc.

Click on more Download Themes to find more amazing  themes.

Apearance: from here you can really modify the way you Whatsapp look appears and edit the way things happen all together, the features are:

Screen Conversation Appearance

Main/Chats Screen Appearance

Pop-up Notifications Appearance

Widgets Appearance

Media Sharing

Others MODS


Clean Whatsapp Files

Open Log

Langauge App.

And you can also join Omar the App developer on Facebook, Twitter,  Google + etc

Advantages of Using GB Whatsapp

✅ It has the advantage of you seeing you friends who are online which other Whatsapp App can't do

✅ You can change the Themes of you background and all round appearance of the App easily.

✅ It has nice and more amazing charming designs from which you can select from.

✅ It has other many more better features than other Whatsapp version.

Let me just mention few but the are many by you downloading and exploring the App you will see there is more to it.

Some of the GB Whatsapp Version Specification and Summary with dates of launching them:

This are the former Versions of GB Whatsapp and some of there upgrade process down the years dur the version specifications,

where selected randomly in other for you to see the hard work put towards this app with dates and the newest Version now. 

 Version 5.50


New Base Updated to 2.17.107 (Exclusive) Ability To Hide chats

(Select any chat and Click on 3 Dots at right Corner and click Hide Chat) (Exclusive)

Added Back Mod 6.8 Old ui but in different Style Added Option to Save Status/Story

(Open any Status and Click on 3 Dots at right Corner and click download) (Exclusive)

Fixed Msg Count on Icon Option to Theme Recent Status Bar & Text (Mod 2.2.34 & 2.2.35)

Fixed Toast Background and Text Color for NougatOther Fixes.

Version 5.40


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New Base Updated to 2.17.79 (PlayStore) Added Hide View Status Privacy

(Don't tell contact that you have viewed their Story/Status) (Options - Privacy - Hide View Status) Added New Emojis (Exclusive)

Added Ability to Upload Videos & Image with High Quality in Status/Stories

(Mod 5.4) Fixed Backup/Restore Option (Mod 6.7) Other Fixes

Version 5.30


Base Updated to 2.17.24 (Exclusive) Ability to View All Messages from a Specific Person of a Group

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(Go to Group Profile - Click on the Member Name - View Msg sent by that person)

(To Theme this page - go to options after Clicking on View Msg by that Person) (Exclusive)

Now send any Video upto 30mb as a GIF (Select video to send and on right corner click GIF) (Exclusive)

Toast whenever any contact changes a Profile Pic (Mod 2.5.7) Added New Chat option in Fab Fixed Widget (Now works like Charm)

Fixed Status Privacy in Settings Fixed Email Chat Fixed Navigation Bar Theme on Main Screen Fixed Mod 2.4.11 Other Fixes


In-App Translator to translate messages to 8 different languages ( supports multiple messages , too )

Added iOS 9.1 new Emojis Added MOD 1.2.0 with ability to change between 3 different Text-Entry Styles :-

1- Default 2- Hangouts 3- WAMOD

Added MOD 1.2.48 to change color of Text-Entry icons Other fixes ...(Text-Entry Styles by  Brain Valence )

Version 4.00


Show contacts name in whatsapp. logs instead of numbers Added MOD 6.14 to stop receiving WhatsApp Voice Calls Change color of emojis icons,

in Emoji bar in Conversation Screen when use MOD 1.2.26 Use MOD 6.8 to also delete cache ( Cache & Unnecessary files ) Other fixes


This the first version that was Developed by Omar,  you can see his putting in alot of effort to make sure we realy enjoy GB Whatsapp.

Version 3.90


Added FAB in Main Screen Added MOD 2.7 to { include many options to customize FAB } Added MOD 6.12 [ Dark Theme for Settings ]

Added MOD 6.13 to change color of notification circle color ( In Lollipop )

Preview Ticks Styles to choose between them easily Added MOD 1.2.46 to change color of voice message playing bar Added MOD 1.2.47,

to change color of voice message Play/Pause button Fixed fail issue in first 100 themes in Themes Server Fixed "data" word appear in media caption Other fixes.

Have you tried the new GB Whatsapp, how did you see it❓ your comments is highly welcomed.

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