How to make your Andriod Phone Battery last longer

Andriod phones are such an amazing devices to have and use with alot of features to enjoy from but having an andriod phone whose battery power drains so quickly is an aboling and very anonying experience, 

How to make your Andriod Phone Battery last longer

Andriod Phones are such a wonderful gargates that can do alot of wonders beyond your imaginations but only if you can explore this wonders by looking deeper into it,

  but when it's battery don't last longer it becomes a different story altogether because the sweetness of this amazing invention will not be fully utulized.

Which makes me to write on how you can extend your battery power life and make it last longer than it used to stay before it runs down,  dur some battery duration time are higher than others but you can still make it last longer than it use to be, some features and functions which we ignorantly switches ON on our Andriod Phones are the real cause of the battery drainage,  so read on and you will find out the root cause of the battery drainage and the solution to it. Click here: To read importance of Maintenance

. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can try to extend the life of your device's  battery.

First Method to apply.

1. Turn on the power saving mode.

For most devices, all you have to do is swipe downward from the top of the screen to bring up a menu.

Scroll to the side until you find the power saving option, and select it.

*.The power saving mode may slow your phone down a little,  If you're getting an instant notifications from social media applications, they will stop until you open the application.

2. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

if you are not using them, All of these use battery power, even when you are not using them. For example,

the wireless networking transmitter will continue to search for a wireless connection on a regular basis as long as it is turned on.

This uses battery power, even if you are not browsing the internet.

To turn these features off, simply swipe downward from the top of your screen.

Scroll sideways along the menu, and deselect the items. Click here: To read best ways. of taking good care of your phone

3. Turn off any apps that you are not using.

Closing the app by pressing the back or home buttons is not enough; the app may continue to run in the background and drain battery power.

You should access your device's recent and background apps and shut them down manually.

This will usually ensure they are not running in the background and using battery power.

4. Put your phone on standby mode when you are not using it.

Simply press the power button and the display will darken. This will reduce battery power.

To leave standby mode, simply press the power button again; you may have to unlock your phone once it "wakes up."

5. Turn off the phone vibration function. Press the volume buttons up and down until you leave the vibrate mode.

It might be a good idea to turn off vibrations for text messages too.

You will need to go to your Settings, and then to "Sound & Display."

If you can't find the settings for messages there, go to"Applications," and then "Messages." Click here: To read best ways. of taking good care of your Computer

6. Turn Off the Background App,  on Andriod  Phones. Sometimes even when you have finished operating your  phone and it's on standby mode, 

some applications will be running on the background without you knowing and this way it will be draining your phone  battery. 

To turn this feature down go to Setting and scroll down to about phone click on it for few times about seven clicks then click  the Build  Number and  the Developer Option will pop-up,

scroll down to the bottom and click on Background Process Limit, select Standard Limit or No Background Processes or you can use apps like Opera Max to stop background operations.

7.  Your phone battery is bad or damaged, sometimes why some phones is running down so easily is because the battery  on your phone is bad or damaged, to solve this problem simply replace the phone  battery.

Second Method to apply.

1. Reduce the brightness of your display. Go to your Settings, and select "Sound & Display." Tap on"Brightness," and move the slider to the side to reduce the brightness .

If you are using the power saving mode, your screen's brightness may already be reduced.

Reducing the brightness will make the screen harder to see, especially out doors.

If you are using the internet, the setting for the internet might have a shortcut to adjust the brightness.

2. Set your screen time out to the shortest length possible.

This setting tells the device to turn off the screen after the selected period of inactivity.

The shorter the period, the less power your display will use.

The setting options vary from phone to phone.

You can find this option under your Settings. Go to "Sound & Display," and select "Screen Timeout."

3. If your device has an AMOLED screen, use a black background. Click here: To see best way. of securing your. phone using Opera Max

AMOLED screens can reduce power usage seven fold by displaying black instead of white or any other color.

When searching on your phone you can also use Black Google Mobile at to get standard Google results (including images) all in black.

4. Tell your device to only use 2G networks. If you do not need access to high speed data, or there is no 3G or 4G network where you live,

you can tell your device to only use 2G mobile networks. You will still have access to EDGE network data and WiFi if needed.

To switch to 2G, go to your device's Settings, and select "Wireless Controls." Scroll down to "Mobile Networks," and tap on" Use only 2G

Third Method to apply Disabling Animations.

1. Consider disabling animations if you feel confident about using your device's developer settings.

Animations look nice as you navigate your phone, but they can slow down performance and drain battery power.

[2]. Disabling them does require turning on Developer Mode,  is the process with turning down background mode.

2. Open your Settings, and scroll down to “About phone.” This will open a screen showing more information about your Android device, as well as a list of items, including "Build Number."

3. Tap "Build Number" around seven times.

This will enable the Android Developer Options.

4. Access the Developer Options.

Hit the back button of your device to go back to the main Settings menu. Scroll down and tap “Developer Options.” It should be above the “About Device” section.

5. Disable the animation options.

Scroll down until you see “Window Animation Scale,” “Transition Animation Scale,” and “Animation Duration Scale.” Turn each one of these off.

6. Restart your Android device.

This will save and apply the new settings on your device.

With this changes your device will last longer and the speed also will increase to give you more amazing treat.

Give it a try and let us know if it worked.

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