How to get Airtel 3GB for N1000

This Airtel 3GB for N1000 has been trending for long but not known by many people as it requires some tweaking and rooting of your Andriod Smartphone for you to be able to use the plan.

Actually this is a Blackberry data plan which can only be used with Blackberry Phones making it impossible or uneligible for Andriod Smartphone users to use.

But l can't just be writing about an impossible situation without a solution, if so that means am not keeping the ideology of this blog EmpireTechx Blog " (  Helping The World through Technology ).

How it Works

Just like l mentioned earlier this Airtel 3GB for N1000 is a Blackberry data plan which is made to be used by Blackberry Phone users but with little tweaking of your Andriod Phone you will be able to enjoy it too.

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How to Subscribe

From your Andriod Phone dial *141# and a popup window will come up

Welcome to the Smart Speedoo: Press

Buy Data PlansBlackberryFacebook FlexYouTube Video PackMega PacksPostpaid PlansNext

From there enter 2. Blackberry  on the empty box and it will take you to another popup screen where you will see something like this:

BB Unlimited /N1500 / 3GBBB Unlimited / N525 / 200MBBB Unlimited / N100 / 40MBBB Complete Mthly / N1000 / 3GBBB Complete Wkly / N500 / 500MB

Then enter 4 which is BB Complete Mthly N1000 / 3GB  in the next popup enter 1. 3GB + Free Surf - 160MB Extra ( Prepaid)  when you have followed this process and you have upto N1000 in your account then they will send you success subscription message.

Why is better to use this plan

We know how fast and furious our normal Andriod data plans gets exhausted even before it reaches the stipulated date for it to expire, this becuase Andriod Smartphones consumes more data which is the way it is built to operate because of it enormous built in features it has.

But if you use this Blackberry plan your data will last longer because Blackberry Phones on it's own dn't use alot of data it has saving data feature built in it through the imei and it data last longer.

So tweaking your Andriod Phone to have Blackberry Imei  will make your Andriod browse with Blackberry features since it has been converted or tweaked to Blackberry in disquise.

How to tweak your Andriod Phone .

( Before your can use this Airtel 3GB for N1000 you must first Root your phone from Here )

Phone tweaking is the ability of changing the IMEI  Number of your Phone to another phone, that means your phone will be acting as the phone you changed it to in disquise, while actually is not the real phone model.

 For example one can tweak an andriod phone to Blackberry or from one Andriod to another maybe from lower version of the Andriod phone to higher version.

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Which is usually required when you have something to benefit from it.

I have a friend who always told me about new cheap or free data plans on networks but thier was a problem, l couldn't benefit from most of them till l learnt what phone tweaking was and how to go about it.

So for you to be able to benefit from the airtel 3GB for for N1000 you must be able to tweak your Andriod phone to Blackberry device.

We have many apps which you can use to tweak your phone but am going to teach you how to use MTK Engineering Tool  to do it since it's more safer and straight forward to follow.

Benefits of Phone Tweaking

If you tweak your phone from Andriod to Blackberry that means you will enjoy the flexibility of using a Blackberry phone due your phone is Andriod. You can have access to so many cheap data plans as you wish, moving from one phone model to another just by changing the IMEI  of your phone


Everything that has advantage has disadvantage

Many are afraid of bricking their android cellphone likewise their telephone warranty bond Imei tweaking is unlawful in many coutries so tweaking it at your very own riskIt can may lead to bricking your telephone if you failed to comply with the steps accordingly.

Requirements for tweaking your Andriod Phone 

MTK Engineering mode download it here To download MTK Engineering Tool from Google Play Store  Procedure Note: Before proceeding to this tutorial I will highly recommend you to note down your default phone imei number in case you need back but it is advisable to note it down.Launch or open your MTK engineering  tool app you've already installed On the menu Click on'engineering mode'Now it will redirect you to a new page with two option,

 just choose the 'enginnering mode [MTK]Another page will open, now just make sure you swipe to the right to "Connectivity" Page either in the MTK enginerring mode.Now select 'CDS information'On the new page open,

 just tap on "radio information"Now it will redirect you to a new page and this page contain Two option.

This two option actually appear in phones with Dual sim but if yours is one sim then you will only see one option.Now select the sim you want to do with either.

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Phone 1 is for SIM 1,,, Phone 2 is for SIM2 But in this tutorial we're making use of Phone 1 which is SIM1.

So click on phone 1.

Now you will see a text written AT+ in a text box . Place your curson just after the AT+ and type this text "EGMR=1,7,'''' And now it should look like this  AT+EGMR=1,7,''''

Now enter the Imei number you want to tweak just between the quotation mark " ". And it should actaully take this example like this

AT+EGMR=1,7,''123456456789765 "   ( please remember to leave a space between AT + )

This are some Blackberry IMEI you can use to tweak your Andriod Phone 













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After inputing your imei, recheck it again if the imei you input is 15 digits number and then tap on 'SEND AT COMMAND' You will now see a pop up message saying your command has been sent and that's it.

Now reboot your android phone.

After following this process you have successfully Tweaked your phone but do let me know if you have and difficulty.

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