How to catch phone thieves using "Thief Catcher App for Andriod"


We dn't know who is planning to steal our  phones or ( intruder who will not allow our phone to rest).

l can recall an incident where l want to charge my phone in a salon,  many people comes thier to charge thiers too,

  l left my phone there to come back leta to collect it but when l came back it was locked and l had to spend money unlocking it back then without even knowing who locked the phone,

but with Thief Catcher App you are covered.

Which lead me to look for ways to know who realy tried to unlock my phone and l came up with this application

"Thief Catcher",  as the name implies its an application that takes or selfies pictures and photos of any body who tries to unlock your phone unsuccessfully,

upon unsuccessfully trier the Thief Catcher app takes the picture of the intruder automatically which makes it possible for you to know the offender.

The Thief Ctacher app was developed by AndUtil's,  for more details about this application you can visit the developer AndUtil's website.

To download the Thief Catcher app , go to Google Play Store it is listed thier with high rating from users if the app, 

the average rate at Google Play Store is 2 and thier are poor rating by 1 star to very good rating with 5 Stars. 

To download the app go to Google Play Store.

Thieves and intruders are also trying to unlock your phone and steal data in your absence,

Thief Catcher comes to your rescue by taking a photo every time someone tries to unlock your phone unsuccessfully, then when you sucessfully unlock the phone,

intruders photos are launched with timestamp for you to catch them. Thief Catcher is easy to use.

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After downloading the Thief Catcher App to your phone and installing it.

How to catch phone thieves using "Thief Catcher App for Andriod"

(1) Enable it to monitor screen unlock attempts ( the purpose is for it to be able to capture images of intruders who unsuccessfully tries to unlock your phone).

(2) Make sure your password ptotects your lock screen after enabling and setting your password, then leave the remaining work for Thief Catcher to do,

any intruder who tries to unlock your phone automatically is image is captured which makes it a very good application to use, 

the Thief Catcher app works by setting the device as an Admistrator,  to uninstall the app,  please follow this steps on your andriod phone.

(1) Go to settings on your phone.

(2) Click on Security.

(3) Click on Device Admistrator.  You will notice Thief Catcher as a device Admistrator, uncheck it now you will be able to uninstall the app.

How to install Thief Catcher App APK 1.

1. Enable "Unknown Source" on your Andriod phone device,  to enable Unknown Source  go to Setting > Security and check the box next to

"Unknown Source" , a dialogue box  may pop-up asking you to comfirm the action,  just tap OK to comfirm.

2.Download the Thief Catcher APK file. If you already have an APK file downloaded on your Android devicethen skip to Step.

3. In order to install the APK file you must first download the Thief Catcher APK file from Google Play Store.

go to Google Play Store in the search area type Thief Catcher App and the App will pop-up then click on download and install.


5. Still, don't get it working? feel free to comment below.

Thief Catcher APK Download APKFILEZ try to give the Latest Version of Thief Catcher Apk for you, Find page below other Versions of this App.

Download Thief Catcher App on your Android device and enjoy it.

It's one of the best ever Tools App for Android, which you can use on your Android.

This app is working pretty well on any Android running on Android 2.3.4+.

So no worries, you can use it on your Android Device without any trouble. So let's download it now on your Android and enjoy it.

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