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Facebook Adds New Feature "Thankful Icon"

Facebook has just added a new feature on there Facebook page,  this feature is pink in colour and you know pink colours represents love ,

from my very little research l made about this new icon added l discovers that this new feature has been added before but leta on it was removed.

Facebook Adds New Feature "Thankful Icon"

The New feature is the Thankful Icon,  this Icon is usually added during Mother's Day Celebration around the World,

just like last Year 2016 during Mother's Day Celebration the Thankful Icon was added but after few Months after Mother's Day Celebration was removed.

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Adding this Thankful Icon is  very nice and a good move from the Facebook Team since Mothers are special and unique Been to everybody all around the Globe so,

Celebrating there Special Day through this way will also let them know they realy special in deed,

But nobody is realy counted out from this amazing Icon since it can be used by all.

So let's enjoy the New Icon as it's pleasing and loving to the  Eye just like the meaning of the colour it represents.

How To Use.

It's easy to use as long you have been conversant with you Facebook Pages, 

go to any feed or update click on the like button and hold it the other mojis will come up then click on the Thankful Icon and boom it appears.

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