Best Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Computer.


Before going into how to take good care of a Computer lets first of all see the definition and types of Computers we have.

Simple definition of Computer:

Computer  is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form,  processes the imformation and gives out a definite result or answer. 

Best  Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Computer.

From this simple definition of a Computer you can see that even as powerful as a Computer  System can be that it can not process information on it's own without the end user putting in the data it will process.

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               Types of Computer.

We have different types of Computer System and it's named  based on the complexity of works they do,

the size of it operating system,  the speed on which they process there imformations etc.

1. Super computers: are the fastest and the most expensive computers.

These huge computers are used to solve very complex science and engineering problems.

Super Computers get their processing power by taking advantage of parallel processing; they use lots of CPUs at the same time on one problem.

A typical Super Computer can do up to ten trillion individual calculations every second.

2. Server Computer: Inside of a Rack unit Server Servers are a step under Super Computers,

because they don't focus on trying to solve one very complex problem, but try to solve many many similar smaller ones.

An example of a server would be the Computers that Wikipedia stores its encyclopedia on.

Those Computers have to go and find the page you're looking for and send it to you.

In itself it's not a big task, but it becomes a job for a server when the Computers have to go and find lots of pages for a lot of people and send them to the right place.

Some servers, like the ones Google uses for something like Google Documents, have applications on them instead of just files, like Wikipedia.

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3. Work Stations: are high-end, expensive computers that are made for more complex procedures and are intended for one user at a time.

Some of the complex procedures consist of science, math and engineering calculations and are useful for Computer design and Manufacturing.

Work Stations are sometimes improperly named for marketing reasons.

Real Work Stations are not usually sold in retail, but this is starting to change; Apple's Mac Pro would be considered a Work Station.

4. Personal Computer (PC): PC is an abbreviation for a Personal Computer, it is also known as a Micro Computer.

Its physical characteristics and low cost are appealing and useful for its users.

The capabilities of a Personal Computer have changed greatly since the introduction of Electronic Computers.

By the early 1970s, people in academic or research institutions had the opportunity for Single-Person use of a Computer System in interactive mode for extended durations,

although these systems would still have been too expensive to be owned by a single individual

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5. Micro Controllers: are mini Computers that enable the user to store data and execute simple commands and tasks.

These single circuit devices have minimal memory and program length but are normally designed to be very good at performing a particular task.

Having known the Meaning and different types of Computers we have it becomes very apperent that one should know how to take good care of this Systems, 

Maintaining this systems should not be a negociateble at all,

because it necessary to do so and this Systems cost fortune depending on the particular one you are using,  but in Life and in Engineering terms nothing is a waste.

And Keeping them in good working condition will help them serve you better.

How to take good care a Computer.

1. Don't keep your Laptop on the floor this becuase under the Laptop panel there is fan which aim in cooling of the System but when placed on the floor and the Laptop is operating it will blow duties into the panels and cause clogging of dirts in your System.

2. Protect your Computer from lighting storm by installing surge protector or thurnder protect,

this necssary dur some Computers comes with earthing installed on them,  which prevents the system from lighting strike.

3. Always clean the Keyboard this one of the dirtiest area and it becomes paramount that you make sure the environment where you system is kept is clean,

tidy and you can always clean your Keybaord regularly using disinfectant and clean cloth but avoid sprinkling the disinfectant directly to your Keyboard to avoid damage.

4. Keep drinks away when operating your Computer  system it's easily tempting to drink while operating a system but this a bad idea since the liquid could spill,

and enter into the Keybaord or other parts of the Computer and you know liquids and Electronic Components do not go hand in hand.

5. Keep Magnets away from your system,  we all know the work of a magnet,  it attrack or pull magnetic materials like conductors, semi conductors etc material to it self, and this materials are present in our Computers, 

so bringing magnets in contact or close to a Computer can damage the hard drive in terms of the old model types of Computer or it may wipe away data or imformations stored.

6. Aways charge the Battery before it runs down completely and also avoid operating your system when it has low battery because this lowers the life span of your system battery especially the Lthium-Ion types if Battery.

7. When plugging in external devices like USB,  Cables etc to your system it's  important that you do it with care, 

it should not be forced to enter since this can damage the USB pots in your system.

8. Regularly Scan your System with a good certified Anti-Virus, 

virus does alot of damages to a system if anti virus is not installed like malfunctioning of some operation function of the system, crashing of the hard drive etc.

9. Always defrag your system frequently, this will create more space and speeden up the system and also remove unwanted or junked files.

10. Always backup your system files,  it is necessary to backup your system always so that if any thing happens to it suddenly you will not have to loss alot of datas and informations and be looking for the means to replace them.

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11. Keep food away from your Laptop this because some food particles may fall and enter into the sytem and with time will lead to accomolation of crumps and cause dirts.

12. Dn't use your Computer in a room where there is animals like Dogs, Cats.....

we all know this animals dn't have brain like we humans and they may accidentally and unknownly step in the Computer or Laptop Screen and damage it.

13. Always keep your Computer in a cleaned and tided room or environment.

14. Always operate your Computer with clean hands, 

this way your system will be neat and nice looking and will also reduce the wear and tear on the system.

15. Protect your Computer LCD screen, this is very important tips to always remember because without the screen been good you wont be able to operate your Computer in the first place. 

So when closing the lids of your Laptop make sure there is no object on the keyboard, like pencil,  pen, spoon or any other object that can cause damage to your system screen.

16. When lifting your Laptop hold it by it's base not by it's LCD display screen,

if you lift it by the screen you could damage the displayor and the hinges attaching the display to the bass. 

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The display is also easily scratched or damaged by direct pressure so take care not to place pressure on it.

17. Don't pull on the power cord.

Tugging your power cord out from the power socket rather than pulling directly on the plug can cause the cord to break off from the plug or damage the power socket.

Also, if the power cord is near your feet, avoid kicking it accidentally; in fact,

it is best to refrain from bumping into the plug at all because you could loosen it and eventually break it.

18 Be careful not to roll your chair over the computer cord. Stick the cord onto your desk with tape.

19. Be sure to plug accessory devices into their proper slots.

Always look at the symbols on the laptop carefully before inserting devices.

Jamming a phone line into an Ethernet port or vice versa could damage the sockets, making it impossible to use them again.

It is very important to observe this step.

20. Handle any removable drives with care. CD drives that have been removed from your laptop could easily be crushed or dropped; do not be careless.

If you are not putting them back into the laptop, put them straight into a storage box or case for safe keeping.

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21. Insert drives into their slots carefully and at the correct angle.

Pushing the drive too forcefully into its slot could jam it.

22. Check to see if labels are affixed securely before inserting media into your laptop.

CDs, DVDs, or floppy disks should not have any loose labels that may jam inside the laptop.

Don't attempt to use under sized CDs, as these can damage the disk player permanently.

23. Don't expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes.

When bringing your laptop indoors during winter, don't turn it on immediately.

Instead, let it warm to room temperature first.

This will avoid any potential for damage to the disk drive from condensation forming inside the machine.

Avoid heat from sun light as well.

24. Don't leave your laptop in a car.Not only do the insides of cars experience large temperature swings that could damage a laptop,

but a laptop (or laptop bag) is an inviting target for a smash and grab thief.

25. Have the unit cleaned annually to remove internal dust.

Get this done by a computer professional, or do it yourself if you can.

If dust accumulates, the system will not be able to cool itself correctly.

Heat can destroy the motherboard.

26. Avoid placing heavy materials, such as books, on top of your laptop.

This can push the LCD screen into the keyboard, and will eventually damage it.

Also, the CD-ROM insert will be squished and, eventually, will break.

27. Use a properly-sized laptop case. Whatever you use to carry your laptop around, be it a case, a bag, or

(something you made yourself) , make sure that it is large enough to hold the laptop.

This will help avoid scratching, squeezing or potentially dropping it.

28. Look into getting a laptop bag. Many breaks happen because laptops are dropped or bumped.

A bag greatly reduces the risk of damage.

29. Only use and store your laptop in a well-ventilated area.

When you are using your laptop, do so in a place that has a constant air-circulation.

Lots of people ruin their laptops by using them in enclosed areas and thus cause the laptop to over heat.

30. Use an old tooth brush to clean the area around the exhaust fan screen.

If that gets plugged up, air flow is diminished and over heating can occur.

31. Try to keep the laptop on a flat, clean surface.

This prevents damage to the laptop.


This can be hard to do, particularly if you are out side with your laptop,

but if there is a flat surface available then put your laptop on it.

32. Don't use your laptop on the bed. Repeated use of a laptop on the bed will cause the fans to suck up the dust and debris in the bed, ultimately blocking the fan.

33. Always check that your laptop does not have too much of software and bloat-wares running around as they keep eating the precious memory which is required for playing games or doing other high-end tasks.

34. Make sure that while downloading stuff from the web you do not download unwanted installers which are usually created to install unwanted softwares which are provided as free ware for providing the file which you require.

35. Also its preferable that you use a cleanup software like tune up utilities or c cleaner....

for keeping you computer  under constant surveillance from the unnecessary programs installed during various activities.

36. If possible do a clean install of the operating system you use once every 2 to 3 years.

This will really help the laptop to start from the scratch and maintain everything in avery organised and effective manner.

37. If you are already on a device with low ram then do not trouble the device with programs which accelerate the processor,

it is better if you switch over to another hard drive or pen drive to provide a bit of external ram and provides a bit of breathing space to the computers internals.

38. For providing external RAM in windows laptops there is an option called windows ready boost which gives an allocated space to be used as the virtual ram for the computer instead of being completely dependent on the internal memory provided.

39. Do not try to run large or unsupported multimedia files over your computer if your computer does not meet the specifications as it usually damages the computer in the long run.

40. It is also better if you head over to the local store and check for a complete maintenance check to solve any errors which keep troubling you.

41. Take care that if you use a laptop not to use it in places full of dust flying around as it may block the heat escape routes over a period of time and thereby make your laptop much hotter than usual.

42. Get Padded Protection for Your Laptop Pick up a laptop sleeve, laptop case or a laptop book bag to carry around your computer.

You can even consider making your own out of a sleeping bag or pillow.

Dropping your laptop a couple of times could result in crashing it, and wiping out all your important documents

43. Defragment Your Hard Drive If you use a Mac,  your computer already maintains itself regularly.

If you use a PC, you should defragment your hard drive regularly to get your computer  to run faster.

To access your Disk Defragmenter:

1. Click Start



4.System tools

5.Disk Defragmenter

44. Declutter Get rid of old files you don't need anymore.

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Use Disk Cleanup to delete temporary files, files in there cycle bin, and other files you don't need anymore.To access Disk Cleanup:

1.Click Start

2.All Programs


4.System Tools

5.Disk Cleanup

You should also clean out your browsing and download history if you don't need them anymore.

If you're using Mozilla Firefox, go to:


2.Clear Recent History If you're using Google Chrome, go to:

1.Settings (wrench icon on the right)


3.Edit items

4.Clear all browsing data

45. Reformat Your Computer If your computer is wearing out, consider backing up all your files and reinstalling your operating system.

I find that it's such a hassle sometimes but I do it for my own protection, especially after I delete viruses or spyware from my computer.

46. Be Careful With Food and DrinksYou won't believe how many computers are ruined with accidents involving food and drinks

(especially coffee, according to hubber hotwebideas).

Use a canteen or bottle with a lid to avoid spilling drinks onto your computer.

Be careful when eating foods with sauces because a simple spill could cause a big problem.

8. Disable Programs You Don't Use If your computer takes a long time to load,

it's probably because it's loading programs that are set to run on startup.

Check out which programs you don't need to run on startup by accessing System Configuation, and disable them.

To access System Configuration and check out which programs are running on startup, go to:

1.Click Start

2.Click "Run..."

3.Type in "msconfig"

4.Click the tab "Startup"

5.Uncheck programs you don't want to load on startup

6.Click "Apply" and then "OK" (may require your computerto restart)

I believe if you follow this layed down rules carefully you will have to enjoy your Computer System to it fullness.

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