Best Ways To take good care of Your Andriod Smart Phones.....

Before l reveal the best ways you can take good care of your Phone which is

Phone Maintenance l will first of all give a little explanation on the word Maintenance.

So what's Maintenance:

Maintenance: is the process of taking good care of your belongings in basic terms or process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of been preserved or

Best Ways To take good care of Your Andriod Smart Phones.....

( activities carried out in other for an equipment or device to conserve as long as possible or nearly the original condition of the device while compasating normal wear and tear ).

We have two types of Maintenance

1. Preventive Maintenance.

2. Corrective Maintenance.

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To Learn how to Maintain your Technological equipment

Having known the types of Maintenance,

am going to use this two types Preventive and Corrective to connect as good as possible to this topic

"Phone Maintenance" so that we can be able to know when to apply each type on a Phone.

Preventive Maintenance on a Phone:

First whats Preventive Maintenance it's the type of Maintenance we apply to a Phone be it Smartphone,  Andriod, Balckberry....

device in other to nearly or possibly keep it operating on it's original condition i.e

to say you are taking good measures to make sure this device stays in good and sound conditions so that it will serve you better and last longer.

Corrective Maintenance on a Phone :

This type of Maintenance is the measure,  route, 

procedures we take to restore a Phone which has already developed faults and not in it's good working condition,

so when your Phone has fault for example,

when the Phone Screen is damaged this the type of Maintenance you apply in other to restore it back to it's original working condition.

So you can see that between this two types of Maintenance it is wise or paramount for one to first and always make sure that he or she applies

"Preventive measures" to his or her Phone ,  so that it wont develop any fault.

But if in any situation it happens then you have to apply Corrective Measures to restore it back.

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Advantages of Phone Maintenance:

It helps keep your Phone in good condition:

If one should always take good care of his or her Phone,

the Phone will be in good condition and in turn serve you better, it's a two way thing, care for me better and l will serve you better.

The Phone  will last longer:

When one maintains his or her Phone weller it will make the Phone last longer and it will not give you much stress using them,

so apply care when handling that Phone be it Nokia,  Andriod, Blackberry.....

they all need care and just like your lover needs care and Maintenance for her to be in good health, body and mind, so do your Phone also needs it.

The Battery  will last Longer:

if you maintain your Phone weller,

it will extend the useful life span of the Phone battery  and this way the battery will serve you better,

beside Phone Battery is one of the most important part of a Phone because without it been in good condition,

it will run down quickly or (it will not power the Phone at all) and if the battery  did not power ON the Phone there is no way for you to use it.

Neatness of your Phone :

When your maintain your Phone very well the Phone will be neat and nice looking, 

some Phone owners are ashame to bring out there respective dirty, scratched Phones in public because he or she refused to take good care of it.

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It will have high Operational Speed:

When you maintain your Phone well, by installing some applications like Opera Max, king root....

they will help to clean and clear your Phone memory bolt, freeze any app that's not in use, debug files etc and thereby increase the phone speed.

It will keep your Phone Speakers,  Ear piece and other sound equipments in good working condition:

sounding well and be doing there stipulated works swiftly and you will be able to hear people well when making calls and they will hear you well too in case of spoilt mouth piece.

The Pots and Slots on your Phone  will be in good and healthy:

like the ear piece pot,  the battery charging slot,  sim card slot, memory card slot....

will be in good condition and do there works nicely.

The Buttons will be good:

When you are taking good care of your Phone the buttons on it will be doing there work, you press it,

it answers and not when you press it becomes adamant and not perform it's duty because you failed to perform your own duty in the first place.

Your Phone Screen will be protected:

When your take good care of your Phone  the screen and LCD will not break easily,

or have scratches that will make it appear rough and it will be clear also when you are operating it.

How to care for your Andriod, Blackberry etc Phones.

Reduce the brightness of your phone:

you may ask how those phone brightness affect it since you can see more clear but when the phone brightness is high it reduces useful life span of the battery,

makes it to run down quickly, it also affects the phone LCD because it dicipates more power than usual.

Protect your phone screen with screen guard:

This is very important, protecting your phone screen with screen guard those not only protect your phone but also safes you from unnecessary expenditure, if it eventually breaks.

You can protect you screen with glass screen guard type,

this way even when your phone falls or gets hit by an object the screen guard may brake but the main screen will be safe, there's an adage that says "

what will happen to the HEAD should happen to the CAP" l had such an experience, am the type that don't play with the safety of my phone so l have glass screen guard on it,

recently it fell down from my hand and the screen had crack i.e the screen guard but the main screen was safe.

Care for your Phone by having it cover with phone pack or phone cover:

This will protect the entire body of the phone, from scratch, dirt, protect the appearance, the buttons etc and will also make the phone last longer and ever new.

Don't Operate your Phone when it has low battery:

When phone battery is low it gives out more radiation, energy, and power, which effects the useful span of the phone and battery.

Be careful when plugging in external devices:

Like charger cable, USB, Ear Piece.......

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make sure you do this things with care since they can damage the pots and slots on your phone.

Don't operate your phone when water enters it:

This very important because water and electronic equipments don't go hand in hand,

so any time water enters your phone make sure you apply Corrective Maintenance method on it,

to avoid causing more serious damage.

Don't use force on the Phone Screen when operating it:

Some people are so tough in handling of phone that any time you give your phone to them,

l tells you,  you will have to feel for the phone,  they click everything with hard hand, which is not supposed to be so,

Phone Screen is a very sensitive part of a phone that responds with the slightest touch, it has sensors that are very reactive to touch too.

Don't drop your Phone in high places or drop it on the floor:

Dropping your phone in high places is very dangerous it may fall from there, any thing can happen and it falls and also don't drop it on the floor it's not good.

Install usefull Applications on it:

Installing apps is good but there are many apps out there that does more harm than good, so make sure you install apps that are from a right source.

Uninstall unuseful Apps:

any app that you don't use on the phone should be uninstalled, so that the phone will have more space and speed in operation.

Don't drop your Phone near fire or exposing it to Sun rays or dropping it in high temperature environment:

Keeping your phone in high temperature environment is no do thing, the high temperature can damage your phone screen, radiation effect from the Sun can destroy your LCD power, dropping it near fire can melt some components on your phone too.

Don't drop your Phone in a dusty environment:

Dust causes dirt and dirt is not a good thing generally so while drop your phone in that dusty place, it penetrates your phone through the openings and thereby cause dirt and blockage of the openings.

Install some useful apps:

Like Opera Max, Purify app etc there are alot of this useful apps they help to automatically clean your phone, freeze unuseful apps and files, scan your device for Virus, Trojan, Malware etc and also helps to save your phone data.

Don't use dirty, greasy or oil Hands to operate the phone:

This will make the phone look dull and slippery thereby making the chances of it falling from your hand high and causes wear and tear.

Don't use sharp objects on the Screen:

to avoid scratch, breaking of the screen or damage to any part of the phone.

Don't put your Phone on the back pocket:

l have seen a friend who normally puts his phone on his back pocket guess whats the phone screen is nothing to write home about, it's broken and damaged.

Remove every app after operating it:

This because most of this apps runs in background and causes drainage of the battery.

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